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Session Attendees - Diversifying STEM Workforce with NASA Artemis Mission*

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Bryan DeBates
Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Consulting for Education
Audra Peck
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Leah Friar
Deepika Sangam
Mr. Stanley Taylor
Science Workshop Presenter, Young Canadian Space Club
John Carney
Earth Science Consultant, Self-Employed, Retired
Dr. Anne Weiss
Education Specialist, NASA Langley OSTEM/EPDC/Texas State University
Akiko Kojima
SEEC Crew / Elementary School Teacher, Takashi Elementary School
Latessa Meader
Inspire Aviation Foundation
Ms. Marci Ward
Teacher, Immaculate Conception School
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Angela Krause-Kuchta
Director of Education, Orion’s Quest
Jennifer Becerra
Academic Program Coordinator/Lead Flight Director , NASA Johnson Space Center Intenship office
Shelly Grandell
G/T Science Educator, Jeffco Public Schools
David Laughlin Laughlin
SystemsGo! Coordinator/Science Instructor, Canon City High School
Kasey Felcman
teacher (7th), Angleton Jr. High School
Amelia Tangeman
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Mrs. Barbara Erdberg Erdberg
STEM 5 Math Teacher, Barber Middle School
Laura Teatsworth
STEM Teacher, Barber Middle School
Beth Favor
Advanced Academic Programs and Services Resource Teacher, DoDEA
Vicente B Manzano Jr. Jr
Educator , Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Mrs. Natali Barreto Baca
Teacher, Albuquerque Public School
Maura Monter Rios Monter Rios
IT Education manager, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Shanna Mellott
English Teacher, Cache High School
Deyanira Salazar
Math Specialist/ Math Rocks Owner, Math Rocks!
Mike Vargas
Convergence Lead -The Arizona STEM Acceleration Project - Center for Science and the Imagination , Arizona State University
Ms. Denise Wright
STEM Educator, Ocean Bay Middle
Mrs. Kayla Thornhill
STEM Facilitator and NASA OKSG Mentor, Jenks Middle School
Takuo Takarada
physics teacher, Ikuno high school
Hanna Crawley
Kate McCann
Math Educator, U-32 Middle & High School/Washington Central Unified Union School District
Chelsey Mawson
K-5 Special Education Teacher, Wichita Falls ISD
Alexandra Constantinou
Kirsten Hibbard
Executive Director, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
English Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Debbie Montenegro
Deputy Director, University of North Texas Health Science Center and the Network of the National Library of Medicine South Central Region
Janice Crew
Washington Aerospace Scholars- The Museum of Flight
Cesar Vergara
Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Eduardo Olvera
Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Olivia Kuper
Science Teacher, North Greene High School
Aida silva
Argy Leyton
Retired, NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador
Ivan Rodriguez-Zerrate
Board Member
Janie Henderson
Instructional Technologist, Alvarado ISD
Ann Hernandez
Education Leadership Program Associate Director, Space Center Houston
Lee A Barlow
Library Media Specialist, Harmony School of Fine Arts and Technology
Allison Bott
NASA - Oklahoma State University
Catherine Walker
Education Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
NASA - Johnson Space Center
Victoria Danna
NASA - GSFC WFF Directorate Education
Becky Busby
Elementary Gifted Specialist, Frank Long Elementary
Mr. Bruce Callow
Teacher /author, Costa Rica Institute of Technology /Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Publishing House
Mr Vinay Kharat KHARAT
Teacher, Secular Education Trust
Miss Lindsey Hewitt
Science Teacher, Paris High School
Deborah Armstrong
Science Teacher, Mineola High School
Ms. Jess Rowell Rowell
Middle School Science Teacher, Shady Grove Middle School, Maryland
Richard Hodgetts
King's NOrton Boys' School
Judith Meyer mey
K12 Programs Specialist, McDonald Observatory
Samuel Garcia
Education Specialist, Kennedy Space Center
Carl Bergman
Teacher, Dickinson High School
Manabu Fujita
Teacher, Okayama prefectural Tamano high schoool
Jessica Christiansen
Island Heights Grade School
Mrs. Christina Mullin Mullin
Teacher, Father Leduc School
Jakarda Varnado
NASA Johnson Space Center
Rita Miller Miller
Director, DoD
Helena Guidry
NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium
Karen Kinsman
Director/Sr. Program Manager, UNM STEM-H Center
Kenta Nomura
Sharon Rigsby
Planetarium Teacher, Beaumont ISD
Stephanie McMahon
Accessibility Consultant, Northern Arizona University Center for STEM Teaching and Learning/PLANETS
Kristine Holloway Holloway
Ontario Certified Teacher, Peel District School Board
Mary Vandergraff
Education Programs Coordinator, Space Center Houston Education Dept
Diane Ripollone
Science Teacher, Cardinal Gibbons High School
Ms Wendy Shearer
Science technician, Mango Hill State Secondary College
Chaka Jaliwa
Education Specialist, Space Center Houston
Laurie Newman
Education Event Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Tammy Fay
Wilmar Lee
Teacher/Robotics Coach, Energized for Excellence Academy Inc. MS
Isabel Borges
Institute of Education - University of Lisbon

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