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Session Attendees - Mysteries of the Dark: Dark Energy and Dark Matter*

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Michelle Brosseau
Mrs. Brosseau's Binder
Dorinda Risenhoover
Education Coordinator, NASA OKSG
Mr Vinay Kharat KHARAT
Teacher, Secular Education Trust
Kristen Hudson
Teacher, Morgan/Kincaid Preparatory School
Jane Lynn Squires
Lisa Stewart
Gifted Education Teacher, SEEC CREW
Justin Bartel
Immersive Experience Manager, Science Museum of Virginia
Ron Schmit
Observatory Coordinator, Anoka Hennepin School District #11
Josh Revels
Education Outreach Specialist, Fairmont State University/NASA IV&V ERC
Adrienne Provenzano
NASA Solar System Ambassadors JPL-CalTech
Mr. LeRoy Davis Larry, Jr. Jr.
Director, Natural Physics Global Outreach
Mr. Christopher Mick
Executive Director, Space St. Croix
Laurie Sullivan
K - 5 STEAM , Arlington Public Schools
Jamee Nelson
Assistant Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center of Las Cruces
Deborah Elliott
Teacher, SEEC CREW
Anna Vershynina
Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston
Mrs. julie farmer
4th Grade Teacher, Mooreland Heights Elementary
Ceceila McTighe
Forest Lake Elementary
Amber Moss
Math and Science Instructional Coach, Bastrop ISD
Edgar Ayala
Augusta A. Mayo Elementary School
Beth Cubbage
Educator; STEAM Club Sponsor; Team Lead, Pinellas Academy of Math and Science
Engineer, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Dr. Tomás Pérez Becerra
Professor, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Jeff Gonyea
Director, U.S. Air Force Academy Planetarium
Eduardo Olvera
Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Brittany Rivera Rivera
Special Education Teacher, Deer Park ISD
Charlotte Cook
Young Astronauts, Carver Magnet School
Bradly Rivera Muñiz
STEM Coordinator & Teacher / Mentor, Robinson School / The Arecibo Observatory
Lalita Khemka
Teacher, Houston Independent School District
Jennifer Wright
Science Teacher, Hardin-Jefferson ISD
Dave Brown
Space Center Houston Education[Retired)
Sarah Niklas Niklas
Kindergarten Teacher, Primrose
Eman Beck
Science Faculty, NASA OKSG STELLAR Mentor, Terra Verde Discovery School (Norman, OK)
Ashley Henry
M.S. in K-12 Education, NASA OKSG STELLAR Alumni/Mentor, CPS 5th grade Teacher, NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium
Akiko Kojima
SEEC Crew / Elementary School Teacher, Takashi Elementary School
Sharon Rigsby
Teacher, Murry J Frank Planetarium, Beaumont ISD

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