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Session Attendees - Mars Insight Update & STEM Pathway*

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Shelly Grandell
G/T Science Educator, Jeffco Public Schools
Catherine Walker
Education Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Peter B.
Middle School Science Teacher, Manhattan Country School
Dr Caroline Beghein PhD
Associate Professor, UCLA
Erik Holland
Curator of Education, State Historical Society of North Dakota
Nathan Tubbs
STEAM Teacher; Homeschool Dad; Chaplain, SEEC CREW; PS/IS 30; Space Launch Delta 45
Ms. Marci Ward
Teacher, Immaculate Conception School
Laudra Calaf
Teacher, Angleton Junior High
Meriam Lepasana
Math & Science Teacher, Limitless Space Institute Educator, Halifax County Schools
Ken Hargreaves
Lockerbie Academy, Scotland.
Sandy Athey
Special Education Case Manager and STEM club leader, Indian Trail High School and Academy- Kenosha Unified School District
Romona Stueckrad
Owner/Instructor, Limitless Expeditions, LLC.
Ron Schmit
Observatory Coordinator, Anoka Hennepin School District #11
Marissa Saad
Deputy Director, North Dakota Space Grant Consortium
Kirsten Hibbard
Executive Director, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
Mr. Milton Lima V
Science Teacher, Vance County Schools
David Malcolm Malcolm
Teacher, South Medford High School
Mrs. Lisa Swaney
Planetarium Director, Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium
Bradly Rivera Muñiz
STEM Coordinator & Teacher / Mentor, Robinson School / The Arecibo Observatory
Therese Moran
STEM Teacher, West Middle School
Lariane Floreda FLOREDA
Educator, Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Ms. Jess Rowell Rowell
Middle School Science Teacher, Shady Grove Middle School, Maryland
Leila Makdisi
Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago
Kati Searcy
Solar System Ambassador, NASA-JPL
Mehmet Yetis Center
Science Teacher, Harmony Public Schools
Christine Hirst Bernhardt
PhD Student, Astronomy Education; Astronomy professor and educator, National Astronomy Education Coordinator , University of California, Santa Barbara
Dave Brown
Space Center Houston Education[Retired)
Jenn Donais
K-8 STEM Coach | PAEMST 2016 | AFA/Rolls Royce 3rd Place National Teacher of the Year | Google Coach | PLTW Launch Lead Teacher | ST Math Champion, Amesbury public schools
Keiko Suzuki
JAXA Space Education Center
Isabel Borges
Institute of Education - University of Lisbon

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