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Session Attendees - Mission To Mars: Virtual Learning Simulation Experience*

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Jenny Mccall
6-8th PLTW Teacher, SEEC Crew, Limitless Educator, Fayette County Public Schools
Amanda McCue
Science Specialist, Crowley ISD
Ms Savita Sharma
Biology Faculty , Delhi Public School, Pune
Mary Vaughn
Earth Space Science, SEEC Crew, Space Station Ambassador, School District of Hillsborough County
Violeta Macias Juncos
High School Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Kristine Holloway Holloway
Ontario Certified Teacher, Peel District School Board
Emilio Israel Mendez Palestina
High school teacher, Aeroespace Academy of Mexico
Meriam Lepasana
Math & Science Teacher, Limitless Space Institute Educator, Halifax County Schools
Mrs. Nancy Parra-Quinlan
STEM/CTE teacher, Kino JHS
LeeAnn Gray
Teacher, Willard School
Patricia Irby
Science teacher, Horn Lake middle school
Jill Gilford
Science Teacher, Equitable Education Solutions
Justin Bartel
Immersive Experience Manager, Science Museum of Virginia
Mabel Rivera
Teacher, Innovation Academy
Liane Ryan
Teacher, Joe Redington Sr. Jr/Sr High School
Jenn Donais
K-8 STEM Coach | PAEMST 2016 | AFA/Rolls Royce 3rd Place National Teacher of the Year | Google Coach | PLTW Launch Lead Teacher | ST Math Champion, Amesbury public schools
Ms. Denise Wright
STEM Educator, Ocean Bay Middle
Erik Holland
Curator of Education, State Historical Society of North Dakota
Tammy Fay
Glenda Hardy
Instructional Specialist , James Deady Middle School
Allie Brown
Flight Director & Retired School Teacher, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
Mr. Brady Loomer
Science Teacher, St. Mark's School
Mrs Timshell Pheiffer
Junior Primary Technology teacher and head of boarding, Bridge House School
Mr. Christopher Mick
Executive Director, Space St. Croix
Ronda McCarthy
Middle School Science/STEM Teacher, St. Theresa Catholic School
Peter B.
Middle School Science Teacher, Manhattan Country School
Mr Steve Sherman
Chief imagination officer, Living Maths
Elizabeth Henrikson
6th STEM/Science Teacher, Fruita Middle School
Kristofer Cuizon
Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Mrs. Jo Dodds
Teacher, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance
Marissa Saad
Deputy Director, North Dakota Space Grant Consortium
Lariane Floreda FLOREDA
Educator, Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Wang Bin
Todd Tisch Tisch
Teacher Bachelor, Plummer Middle School
Susan Barber
Teacher, New Braunfels High School
Hanlixin Hanlixin
Physice Teacher, The Second High School attached to Beijing Normal University
Becky Busby
Elementary Gifted Specialist, Frank Long Elementary
President, Intergalactic Education
Jim Oswald
Laura Wommack
Science Teacher, Mansfield High School
Mr. Iman Poshtvan
Valerie Rudderforth
Middle School Project Lead the Way Teacher, Saint Paul Public Schools
Ms Wendy Shearer
Science technician, Mango Hill State Secondary College
Vanessa Ortega
Adrienne Provenzano
NASA Solar System Ambassadors JPL-CalTech

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