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Session Attendees - Leadership in Stressful and Crisis Times: 3 Mindsets to Embrace and to Maximize You and Your Team’s Performance*

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Ann Hernandez
Director of Leadership Programs and Inclusion, Space Center Houston
Brandi Jakola
Teacher, Katy ISD
Ángela Pérez
Corporación Parque Explora - Planetario de Medellin
Laudra Calaf
Teacher, Angleton Junior High
Kasey Felcman
teacher (7th), Angleton Jr. High School
ALI Hazan del Canto
Psychologist professor, Aeroespace Academy of Mexico
Cynthia Watts-Skinner
Science Educator, Blessed Trinity CHS
Laura Brown
8th Grade Science Teacher, Angleton Isd
Ken Hargreaves
Lockerbie Academy, Scotland.
Sandy Athey
Special Education Case Manager and STEM club leader, Indian Trail High School and Academy- Kenosha Unified School District
Renee Gamba
Museum Director/Education Outreach, Museum of Natural History and Planetarium/Providence Parks
Jodie Guillen
Educational Advocate, SEEC CREW
Lisa Turney
Technology Teacher, Bluevalley Southwest High School
David Malcolm Malcolm
Teacher, South Medford High School
Rita Miller Miller
Director, DoD
Cesar Vergara
STEAM Educator, Writer, and Calligrapher Specialist in Medieval Gothic Fracture Writing, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Kirsten Hibbard
Executive Director, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
Laurie Newman
Education Event Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Romona Stueckrad
Owner/Instructor, Limitless Expeditions, LLC.
Anjana Pandey
Teacher, CFISD
Elise Campbell
Teacher, Itasca Area Schools Collaborative, MN
Greg Pitonza
Middle School Technology and STEM Teacher, Canajoharie Middle School
Stephanie McMahon
Accessibility Consultant, Northern Arizona University Center for STEM Teaching and Learning/PLANETS
Jacolby Cooper
3th-5th Math/Science Educator, Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Kirsi Kuutti
Elise Campbell
Eden Cook
Pre-service Educator, University of Oklahoma
Ms. Jess Rowell Rowell
Middle School Science Teacher, Shady Grove Middle School, Maryland
English Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Kate McCann
Math Educator, U-32 Middle & High School/Washington Central Unified Union School District
Kate Watson
Curriculum Integration Coordinator, Anoka Hennepin ISD#11
Jalver Uyaban
STEAM Projects Coordinator, Oakland colegio campestre / Colombia Space School
Denise Borja
Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Daniel Newmyer
Vice President of Education, Space Center Houston
Martinique Pautzke
K-12 Education Program Coordinator, McDonald Observatory
Melvin Sostand
Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Eric Antonio Ruiz Nunez Nuñez
Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Janeth Rojas
Profesional especializado de talento humano, Ecopetrol
Debbie Montenegro
Deputy Director, University of North Texas Health Science Center and the Network of the National Library of Medicine South Central Region
Colleen Leeson
Westbury Christian School
Heather Skramstad
Principal, CCSD
Miranda Meadows
2nd Grade Teacher, Hillsboro Charter Academy
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Rose Gabud
Educator, Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Engineer, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Jacob Hernandez
Aurora Garcia
Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Marco Carneiro
Teacher, Curso G9
Tanisha Albrite
Teacher, Plummer Middle School
Mr. Iman Poshtvan
Bradly Rivera Muñiz
STEM Coordinator & Teacher / Mentor, Robinson School / The Arecibo Observatory
Keiko Suzuki
JAXA Space Education Center
Celena Miller
Senior Outreach/Education Coordinator, SEEC Crew - Center for Space Research
Adrienne Provenzano
NASA Solar System Ambassadors JPL-CalTech

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