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Session Attendees - Tour: Jet Propulsion Laboratory: 360 Degree Live Tour*

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Paula Dillon
Hillsboro Charter Academy
Jessica Hostiadi
Grade 6 Teacher, Rhema En Cara School
Ms. Monika Mishra Mishra
Trained Graduate Teacher, Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune
Steve Jones
Astronomy, Physics, Science Research Teacher, FCS Innovation Academy
Miss Lindsey Hewitt
Science Teacher, Paris High School
Ceceila McTighe
Forest Lake Elementary
Bryan DeBates
Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Consulting for Education
Sanjay Pandey
Director, Commercial and Strategic Development, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Mr Vinay Kharat KHARAT
Teacher, Secular Education Trust
Mr. Kenneth Brandt
Director, Robeson Planetarium and Science Center
Joseph Williams
NASA Aeronautics and Space Administration
Latessa Meader
Inspire Aviation Foundation
Eric Antonio Ruiz Nunez Nuñez
Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Audra Peck
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Monika Moorman
Educator, JPL Solar System Ambassador, Broward County Public Schools
Elise Campbell
Teacher, Itasca Area Schools Collaborative, MN
Lara Guerra
Science Teacher, Grades PK-2, The Hockaday School
Bill Davidson
Retired JSC Mission Control employee
Ms. Sultana Tzirtziganis
Engineer, Science Yourself! NO G's About It!
"Cosmic" Kyle Doane
Edcation Specalist , Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc
Janet Rosario
Programs Director, Gateway to Science
Pam Petersen
Teacher, York Middle School
Betzabel De La Rosa De La Rosa
Bilingual Teacher, Stehlik Elementary School
Heidi Ragsdale
STEM Educator Consultant & National Geographic Grantee, National Geographic Society
Melissa Pore
STEM Club Mentor and Global Studies Faculty, Bishop O'Connell High School
Ms. Jess Rowell Rowell
Middle School Science Teacher, Shady Grove Middle School, Maryland
Megan Davis
Teacher, Bryan ISD
Justin Hickey
Physics/Astronomy Teacher, Episcopal High School
Ken Hargreaves
Lockerbie Academy, Scotland.
Mr. LeRoy Davis Larry, Jr. Jr.
Director, Natural Physics Global Outreach
Denise Hupping L
Teacher, Manteca Unified School District
Laurie Orth
Chief Music Officer, Laurie Orth Music Teacher
Janie Henderson
Instructional Technologist, Alvarado ISD
Delinda Mock
Curriculum Specialist, Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Mrs. Jobi Cook
Associate Director, NASA/NC Space Grant
Derek Doll
Elizabeth Middle School
Noemi Norl
Education Business Assistant, Space Center Houston Education
Pam Kraus
STEM Consultant and CTE Coordinator, Smoky Hill Education Service Center
Tiffany Miller
Dean of Instruction | 1st Grade Teacher | 2016 Middle East Region Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year, Hillsboro Charter Academy
Mrs. Valentina Matei
Teacher, Dacia School Oradea
Anna Vershynina
Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston
James Adams
Teacher, Incarnate Word Academy
Janice Crew
Washington Aerospace Scholars- The Museum of Flight
Mr. Bruce Callow
Teacher /author, Costa Rica Institute of Technology /Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Publishing House
Mr Shaun Keyser
ICT Integrator, Prep School, Bridge House School, South Africa
Meghan Jacquot
IT Support and STEM Educator, Yeshiva of Greater Washington
Jeff Gonyea
Director, U.S. Air Force Academy Planetarium
Javier Montiel
International STEAM consultant/ SEEC CREW, The International Aerospace Academy
Martinique Pautzke
K-12 Education Program Coordinator, McDonald Observatory
Lori Waters
Director of Communications and Co-PI,
James Falletti
Middle School Science & STEM Integrator, William D. McDowell Observatory
Peleg White
Space Center Houston Education Dept
Kellie Arenz
Teacher, Mukwonago Area School District- Park View Middle School
Russ Glenn
Director of Education, Slooh
Deyanira Salazar
Math Specialist/ Math Rocks Owner, Math Rocks!
Errol Larkins
Killough Middle School STEM
Amanda Bailey
Collins Elementry
Kati Searcy
Solar System Ambassador, NASA-JPL
Scott Young
Science communicator, Ordinary Human Earthling
Daniel Newmyer
Vice President of Education, Space Center Houston
CTE-Tech & Eng Design Educator; Computer Science, Craven County Schools / Tucker Creek Middle
Maria Adelina Machado
Educacional coordinator to Space, Ciência Viva
Meriam Lepasana
Math & Science Teacher, Limitless Space Institute Educator, Halifax County Schools
Carl Bergman
Teacher, Dickinson High School
Allie Brown
Flight Director & Retired School Teacher, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
Jenn Donais
K-8 STEM Coach | PAEMST 2016 | AFA/Rolls Royce 3rd Place National Teacher of the Year | Google Coach | PLTW Launch Lead Teacher | ST Math Champion, Amesbury public schools
Ms. Marci Ward
Teacher, Immaculate Conception School
Pam Leestma
Foundation Board Member, Columbia Memorial Space Center, Retired CA teacher
Debra Millican
Volunteer, OCS
Manabu Fujita
Teacher, Okayama prefectural Tamano high schoool

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