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Session Attendees - Tour: John C. Stennis Space Center/Marshall Space Flight Center Facility Tour*

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Janie Henderson
Instructional Technologist, Alvarado ISD
Mr. David Lockett
Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, NASA STEM Fellow
Audra Peck
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Mr Vinay Kharat KHARAT
Teacher, Secular Education Trust
Mr. LeRoy Davis Larry, Jr. Jr.
Director, Natural Physics Global Outreach
Louis Thompson
Education Specialist, NASA
Bryan DeBates
Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Consulting for Education
Errol Larkins
Killough Middle School STEM
Trey Cate
NASA Space Launch System
David Laughlin Laughlin
SystemsGo! Coordinator/Science Instructor, Canon City High School
Pam Leestma
Foundation Board Member, Columbia Memorial Space Center, Retired CA teacher
Neme Alperstein
Library of Congress Teaching With Primary Sources Teachers Network Mentor, Retired NYC Teacher/ Teaching With Primary Sources Teachers Network
brandi chausse
Teacher, Mandeville High School, St. Tammany Parish
Ms. Tara Rollins
Information Literacy Specialist (Librarian), Kujawa Elementary Aldine ISD
Derek Doll
Elizabeth Middle School
Megan Davis
Teacher, Bryan ISD
Mr Shaun Keyser
ICT Integrator, Prep School, Bridge House School, South Africa
Noemi Norl
Education Business Assistant, Space Center Houston Education
Olivia Kuper
Science Teacher, North Greene High School
Victoria Danna
NASA - GSFC WFF Directorate Education
Jennifer Becerra
Academic Program Coordinator/Lead Flight Director , NASA Johnson Space Center Intenship office
Mr. Christopher Mick
Executive Director, Space St. Croix
Jacqueline Flowers
7th science teacher, Chandler USD
Phyllis Friello
Education Manager, Space Center Houston
Scott Young
Science communicator, Ordinary Human Earthling
Miss Lindsey Hewitt
Science Teacher, Paris High School
Melissa Wragge
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Mrs. Kayla Thornhill
STEM Facilitator and NASA OKSG Mentor, Jenks Middle School
Debra Millican
Volunteer, OCS
Chelsey Mawson
K-5 Special Education Teacher, Wichita Falls ISD
Evett Turner
NASA JSC Office of STEM Engagement
James Adams
Teacher, Incarnate Word Academy
Dr. Paula Richardson
Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Argy Leyton
Retired, NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador
Simcha Waisman
President, One Stop Richmond Hill Community Center
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Shannon Raleigh
Strategic Communications, NASA Space Launch System
Rachael Hale
Space Center Houston
Mrs. Lisa Weber
Teacher, Beaumont ISD - STEM
Alana Davis
K-12 Science Professional Learning Specialist, Cobb County School District
Elizabeth Dethloff
STEAM Instructional Specialist, Katy ISD
Deona Cox
Science teacher, Mineola High School
Wendy Dalton
Hillsboro Charter Academy
Ms. Lisa Love
Kindergarten teacher, H.L. Suverkrup elementary school
Telicia Smith
Elementary Science Specialist, Aldine ISD
Shelly Grandell
G/T Science Educator, Jeffco Public Schools
Archaana Murugan
Technology Teacher, Newman international academy
Mr. Bruce Callow
Teacher /author, Costa Rica Institute of Technology /Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Publishing House
Richard Hodgetts
King's NOrton Boys' School
Liam Kennedy
Founder / Inventor, ISS-Above
Cynthia Watts-Skinner
Science Educator, Blessed Trinity CHS
Jenn Donais
K-8 STEM Coach | PAEMST 2016 | AFA/Rolls Royce 3rd Place National Teacher of the Year | Google Coach | PLTW Launch Lead Teacher | ST Math Champion, Amesbury public schools
Jakarda Varnado
NASA Johnson Space Center
Elise Campbell
Teacher, Itasca Area Schools Collaborative, MN
Ms. Marci Ward
Teacher, Immaculate Conception School
Tanja Aldridge
Teacher, Johnston County Schools
Betzabel De La Rosa De La Rosa
Bilingual Teacher, Stehlik Elementary School
Mary Vandergraff
Education Programs Coordinator - Space U, Space Center Houston Education Dept
Lee A Barlow
Library Media Specialist, Harmony School of Fine Arts and Technology
Sharon Rigsby
Teacher, Murry J Frank Planetarium, Beaumont ISD
Keiko Suzuki
JAXA Space Education Center
Dom Laberge
Science and Physic Teacher, College de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere
Amanda Robertson
USD 285, Cedar Vale School

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