2023 SEEC Crew Application

Space Center Houston is excited to extend the outreach of the Space Exploration Educator Conference by continuing the Space Exploration Educator Expedition Crew Program. Teachers from across the globe will be accepted into this exceptional program and join our existing crew members to collaborate in regional Educator Expedition Crews to develop skills and join us for STEM learning experiences. There is a need worldwide to prepare students for 21st century STEM careers and an equal need for extraordinary educators to inspire these students. It is our goal to empower teachers to build competencies by creating innovative STEM programs for their students, schools, and communities. In 2024 the 2023 crew members will be welcomed back SEEC to share the results of their education expedition. Complete the application below to start your Expedition!   

Applicant Contact Information

General Information

Application Selection Process

Applications for the Expedition Crew Program must be submitted by November23, 2022. to be considered. Educators will be selected, and the Crew regions formed based on the location of the members. K‐12 formal and informal educators of any subject area may apply. Selection is based on potential impact to the educator, students, and community, as well as geographic location. The selected applicants will be notified via email no later than December 16, 2022. Crew members will have until December 23, 2022 to accept or decline the invitation to participate in the program.   

Expectations for Crew Member Professional Learning Communities

● Collaboration between regional and national/international members. Meeting with regional crew members as often as possible to identify and share learning opportunities and to develop plans.  
● Improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students through innovative experiences tied to space exploration.   
● Demonstrate leadership skills within the crew, school, district, and region  
● Enrich STEM and space‐themed instruction through hands‐on, real-world challenges.  
● Create and present a meaningful and relevant “Breaking Boundaries” plan to implement space‐themed STEM learning and where appropriate, outlined by NGSS  (Next Generation Science Standards- United States
● Partner with local institutions and professionals to provide meaningful STEM opportunities for students. 
● If possible collect pre- and post‐assessment data to document student growth  
● Provide thank you notes to donors. Without these we cannot support further growth.  
● Provide information on and encourage fellow educators to attend SEEC.  
● 1 year commitment as an Expedition Crew member including SEEC 2023.  

Crew Member Benefits 

● Small stipend for attending SEEC (in-person attendance only).
● Conference registration for SEEC (*If you have already received a SEEC scholarship you can still apply for the crew.).
● Receive one of a kind professional development at SEEC and online venues 
● Access to NASA resources and support on effective implementation 
● Space Educator Expedition Crew gear and accessories 

Application Checklist

  • Administrative support letter
  • One page Resume
  • YouTube video (more information at the bottom of this form)

Some of the items may need to be e-mailed to SEEC@spacecenter.org Please make sure to put SEEC crew as the subject line. 


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