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Mary Albers
Volunteer, SpoCon
Chris Blazer
Squid and Dragon
Michael Brugger
Michelle Brumley
Treasurer 2019, SpoCon
Kimberlynn Budde
Makeup Artist, Film Alliance Northwest
Joseph Bullock-Palser
Founder, 5th Wall Gaming
William Forman
Retired, Spokane Area Gaming Alliance
Deby Fredericks
Director of Programming, SpoCon
Andrew Huffaker
Game Master
George Neal
Registration Manager, Spocon Staff
Kurt Perrigo
Theora Rice
Hawke Robinson
President, CEO, Founder, President, RPG Research, RPG Therapeutics LLC, Eä Tolkien Society, Dev 2 Dev Portal LLC
Mark Scrudder
Founder, Spokane Board Gamers
Larry Telles
Film Alliance Northwest
Mason Williams
Chair, Spocon Staff

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