Journey to the Sun Below (Numenera)

Special Game
5:00 PM, Friday 9 Aug 2019 (4 hours)

An introductory adventure for Numenera that shows off the world of The Sun Below, the setting for Dread Unicorn Games’ Numenera adventures. The town square of Kluton has been replaced by a giant sheet of green metal, while glass bubbles steal townsfolk. Can the PCs survive a trip to the land of the Sun Below and escape danger, delve ancient ruins, and rescue their comrades? Can they find their way back to the surface after venturing into the world of the Sun Below?

This adventure includes plenty of opportunity for shared worldbuilding, social interactions, action, and exploration. Come see what lies below the surface one billion years in the future, and get a preview for the Sun Below Trilogy from Dread Unicorn Games.

GM: John Marvin

Players: Pre-generated characters will be supplied.

Dread Unicorn Games
Game Designer, Publisher
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