Ripper of Shriveport (13th Age)

Special Game
1:00 PM, Saturday 10 Aug 2019 (4 hours)

In the old town of Shriveport, people are used to seeing frightful shapes in the fog. But a series of gruesome murder scenes are covered in taunts written in blood. Taunts aimed at the player characters. The authorities are helpless, or are they implicated? The town begs the PCs to stop the murders and offers handsome rewards. Can the PCs act before the ripper strikes again?

A 13th Age adventure showing off pieces of The Overworld and Beyond, a new 13th Age planar supplement from Dread Unicorn Games. Great for newbies and old 13th Age hands. Includes 3rd level pregens.

GM: John Marvin

Players: pre-generated characters will be provided.

Dread Unicorn Games
Game Designer, Publisher
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