So You Want to Produce & Direct Independent Films? Paul Davids

Movie Production
Sunday Oct 28   07:00 PM to 09:00 PM (2 hours)
Crest II
SO YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AND DIRECT INDEPENDENT FILMS? Spend a workshop with a Hollywood writer / producer / director with a track record that you will appreciate. Paul Davids, who studied script writing, directing and producing at the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies from its opening year in 1969, went on to become production coordinator for Marvel Productions of 79 half-hour "Transformers" animated episodes, and over the years has produced, written and directed about 10 feature-length films. Some are dramatic films with actors and some are documentaries. Many are controversial. He has been especially interested in topics such as cover-ups, extraterrestrial contact, psychedelic drugs, miracles, the hidden history of Jesus and more. All of his films have been distributed, most by major companies. Paul has also written many books (nearly 20) including six of the "Star Wars" sequels for Lucasfilm. Paul will discuss how he did it -- the struggles, the secrets, the successes plus the roadblocks along the way and the ones that never got made. You will ask questions that pertain to your own particular efforts or plans for filmmaking, and Paul will do his best to offer advice. The list of Paul Davids film and TV credits can be found at
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