The Flying Rainbow Lasagne: a higher dimensional genetic oscillation - Aurora (L)

Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans
Friday Oct 26   09:00 AM to 09:55 AM (55 minutes)
Crest II

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne: a higher dimensional genetic oscillation - Aurora

This presentation is an overview of the shape known as the “Flying Rainbow Lasagne” (FRL), which is the end result of vibrating a double torus shape in a higher dimensional space.

In much the same way that a cube relates to a tesseract, a torus relates to a Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

Beginning with the basic colors and proportions that comprise the toroidal energy centers (or chakras) of the body, then moving into how the torus is evident on a genetic level and also describing what The Singularity is in the torus structure, and culminating in the new higher dimensional FRL format,  a series of artful diagrams and animations will be used to explain these complex concepts to the participants. 

Some major salient points include:

*DNA is not a static object but is instead dynamic and “dances”

*DNA is our connection from moment to moment, and mastering its “dance” makes it possible for us to consciously direct our flight through time

*learning about the FRL shape and then applying this understanding as a “new dance movement” to each individual’s existing genetic format allows for expanded levels of freedom and awareness 

 *to master the FRL genetic dance is to become a virtuoso of reality, collaborating with many other living musicians in the symphony of life (from microbes to galaxies in scale) and across all possible time, with the ability to write new events into existence and combine tougher energy and matter into a new type of conscious matter 

Here is a lecture from my weekly webinar series “Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans” which is all about this topic:

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