How to Dance like a Flying Rainbow Lasagne by Aurora (Workshop)

Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans
Saturday Oct 27   04:30 PM to 05:55 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
Embassy I

How to Dance like a Flying Rainbow Lasagne by Aurora (Workshop)

This workshop is a practical “how-to” guide for transforming one’s ordinarily-toroidal energy field (or time body) into a higher dimensional “Flying Rainbow Lasagne” (FRL) shape.

Just like learning music theory can help a musician to better understand and play their instrument, understanding the basic concepts of how the FRL is formed is very helpful to people who want to learn how to actually perform the daily visualization and actual dance of their DNA. 

Your body is literally an instrument comprised of millions of vibrating strings of DNA chromatin, and you can master that instrument and the harmonic patterns which are emitted as “genetic and thought music”.

So, this workshop will begin with an explanation of what the FRL shape is and how it relates to the torus and color spectrum (this is food for the intellect) and then will move onto practical demonstrations by Aurora of how to do the dance which is also an inner visualization and creative mindstate.

*beginning with creating a Merkaba or protective energetic envelope

*how to get enough energy to make the leap into a higher dimension

*using music as a tool for inspiration


*the actual movement of DNA along differently oriented axes (explained in an animation of the FRL doing the dance movements in different orientations)

*understanding the process of re-wearing the threads of reality into a new tapestry

This is an example from my weekly webinar series “Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans” of how I teach others to do this new genetic dance:

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