Coconut Oil Pulling to detox radiation and correct teeth and gumline - Eric Dadmehr (W)

Friday Oct 26   08:00 PM to 08:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest I

Coconut Oil Pulling to detox radiation and correct teeth and gumline.

Did you know that there are three miles of dental bacteria in EACH tooth? The bacteria is lipid (fat) based so we can magnetically draw it out using another oil (coconut). Begin each morning by flossing if you didn't the night before and then take a tablespoon of raw unrefined coconut oil to swish in mouth around teeth for  five minutes and then spit it out in the garbage can and repeat for three more times for a total of twenty minutes. This way you are getting fresh oil and taking a quick break. I salivate a lot so it is good to start over. Imagine you are pulling nails off a magnet to get more nails so to speak. This is how I made oil pulling better.

How I live my healthy life, what I eat, and how I incorporate exercise into my daily routine to look and feel the way I do. Superfoods I use in my morning cereal. Where to find healthy organic superfoods. Meditation, Tantric sex, how to eat (salad last, drink later and no alcohol with food).

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