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As a clairvoyant and medical intuitive for more than 27 years, Su Walker has been featured on both national and international television. She is a life long experiencer and for the past 5 years has been translating for a group of extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli II who operate out of a base beneath the Sandia Mountain on the eastern edge of Albuquerque. Su assisted in the first known collaboration with the P'nti on a basic training manual: The Telepathy 101 Primer. Another publication she co-authored, The ET Pajama Party Book or Inviting ET: How to Host a Real CE5 Event has recently been published. Along with her spouse Rev. White Otter, Su will be both presenting and holding workshops on the topics of telepathy and CE5 Contact.

Rev. White Otter

White Otter has traveled the shaman’s path for more than 40 years and has been involved with teaching energy work for most of that time. A true Renaissance man, Otter holds a masters in philosophy and a degree in the culinary arts has been an 18th-century historic re-enactor as well as a professional nurseryman. He comes to this conference to share his unique insight on the male perspective of telepathic training. Otter has been a lifelong contact and is currently working as a translator for the P’nti of the Sandia Mountain.

PRESENTATION: The P’nti of the Sandia Mountain, Telepathy and Official First Contact

Beneath the Sandia Mountain on the Eastern edge of Albuquerque, lies a subterranean facility run by a Star Nation from Zeta Reticuli called the P’nti (say Pon-tee.) For the past 5 years, a local couple, Su Walker and Rev. White Otter, have been experiencing an ongoing dialogue with these ETs and have been receiving detailed information from them about how we Earth Humans can learn their telepathic means of communication as well as what they have explained of Earth’s upcoming Official First Contact.

PRESENTATION: Close Encounters of the P’nti Kind and ET Pajama Parties

Using the protocols set out in the Telepathy 101 Primer, a book dictated by an extraterrestrial woman named of T’ni, multiple people from multiple countries around the world are having incredible success inviting right-minded Star Nations to come visit them in person. Hear what they did that worked along with some of the most recent 2018 success stories of CE5 contact. What’s happened, when and where but more importantly, what did ET say?

WORKSHOP: Telepathy 101 Intensive

If you want to learn how to communicate with telepathic Star Nations, this is the intensive short source for you. We will walk you through the Telepathy 101 Primer and give you the basics of successful telepathic skill development along with the protocols taught to us for contact. This is a weekend workshop condensed into 1.5 hours. There is a lot of information to cover in a short amount of time. Be prepared. Hosted by Su Walker and Rev. White Otter.

WORKSHOP: ET Pajama Parties and How to Host Your Own CE5 Event

How do you ask a Star Nation to visit you in person so you can experience your own close encounter of the fifth kind? What do you need to know first? How do you begin and what protocols have worked for multiple individuals around the world? We’ve found an easy to learn method that has resulted in an unprecedentedly high success rate. Here are the basics of what you need to know about inviting to come visit you and hosting your own "ET Pajama Party."

Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Interdimensionals
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Telepathy and Successful CE5 Contact
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@sandiawisdom - Would you like to personally interact with extraterrestrials on Twitter? One Star Nation requested their own social media account and have been sharing detailed information since June of 2015. What they have said in more than 46,000 tweets has been transferred to a searchable website,
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Telepathy and CE5 Contact

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The Telepathy 101 Primer: How to increase your own telepathic skills along with the protocols laid out for rightminded contact with a telepathic Star Nation.

The ET Pajama Party Book or How to Host Your Own CE5 Event

From start to finish, what do you need and what do you need to know to invite a Star Nation to come to visit you in person.

On today's show, we discuss Su Walker's contact with the Sandia ETs in New Mexico.  The Sandia Grey ET's have a Twitter following and post via channel Su Walker daily.

Sandia the ET@SandiaWisdom

I am Cmd. Tlkm from P'ntl, the 5th planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli 2. My crew & I have come to teach archeoplanetography & prepare you for Official First Contact.

People around the world seek the psychic and medical intuitive advice of Su Walker. She is an internationally known psychic and medical intuitive. For over 20 years she has assisted individuals, CEO's of businesses, physicians, actors, and law enforcement agencies. Her psychic readings and medical intuitive readings are sought out for their high levels of accuracy and detail.

Frequently asked to investigate hauntings or paranormal activity, Su's been featured in various publications, television documentaries, and radio appearances. Su also conducts training seminars during the year, because she desires to educate the public about various forms of psychic phenomena, improving psychic skills and exploring remote viewing, scrying, or energy projection. Psychic development classes are available. A complete listing of psychic and beginning astrology classes are located here.

Su travels the country presenting lectures and workshops on psychic readings, medical intuitive readings, and other paranormal and spiritual issues. Su Walker medical intuitive also has taught on telepathy.

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