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Russ Kellett is well known in the UFO subject as a ufo investigator, we is also an abductee part of the secret space program. He is well known for his down to earth no-nonsense stance on the subject tells it like it is. He as a good relationship with Meany media outlets from international newspaper group breaking news story's that have made front page around the world. He has written for many magazines in the subject. Russ as also taken part in a number of UFO-related television programs from B.B.C TV  Carlton TV   bravo TV and many more, He as also been a guest on many radio shows on FM Radio as well as Internet Radio. Russ has worked on a number of famous cases  One in ponticular working on this case for over 26 years known as  UK's  Roswell the Berwyn mountains incident.

Contactee, Experiencer, Abductee Russ Kellet is in the military fighting extraterrestrials on far distant worlds for races and against races that are not human.  Drafted against his will Russ must "do as told or die" as incoming hostiles threaten to destroy him and his comrades.  Russ is returned often within minutes or hours from when and where he was taken. But these beings transcend time and space and Russ is being transported to other realms, dimensions, and even time zones. Listen carefully to this interview as Russ painstakingly reveals details he's suppressed mixed with memories he could never possibly forget.

Russ Kellett UFO Investigator

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Russ Kellett. I have been a UFO investigator for the past Twenty years. I have appeared in a number of television documentary’s, as well as appearing on numerous television talk shows. I have worked closely with local and national radio stations as well local and national and international newspapers and have always had good publicity, sharing information on local and international sightings while sticking to my strict code of witness confidentiality policy.

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