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Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Ph.D., DCH(IM)

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Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Ph.D. DCH(IM) came from a remarkable background.   In 1942 as she was born a VI bomb exploded and killed many in apartments across the road. Later, when she was three a second bomb dropped across the road killing families. It was then she saw Archangel Haniel standing over her. At an early age, she knew she had been encoded to be a healer and psychic. What followed was considered in those days to be extraordinary. Her simple touch took away pain, fear, anger and guilt, along with loss and loneliness. Her little child-self knew why and what was wrong with people and she healed the soldiers of her father’s regiment and many other people at her church.

By the time she was six, she had had two abductee events, the first when she was four and a half, and the second, at age 6, was floating upwards towards a spaceship from her third-floor bedroom window. She had many more events and was able to know not only the grays over the years, but also the tall eight-foot humanoids who had once been in The Arcturian system. She was told she was Arcturian and never to forget that she was one of them too. As her psychic senses developed, she spoke with lost souls, earthbound spirits, Jesus of Nazareth, Ancient Masters and various space entities, most of whom were too strange to talk about. So, she kept most of her alien encounters to herself. Lately, she told some of her truth in her book: My Journey into The Oneness.

Dr Margaret, as she likes to be called, has taught in many countries, appeared on numerous TV & Radio shows, and has written thirteen books. She does not consider herself to be an "abductee" since she was mostly able to understand the ‘Grays” purpose in modulating and re-growing various DNA strands to stimulate our core to become more aware of universal laws. Because of her "close encounters," she gave birth on a ship to a humanoid/alien baby girl and Margaret was allowed to mother her over the years. The result was a growing interest in psychology and psychiatry along with her nursing skills, which she passed on to her "daughter."  As years passed, she embraced the first Spiritual Age of this planet as a psychic healer, while embodying the rules of The Oneness which she alone seemed to know about by the time she was sixteen.

She had many conversations within The Oneness about our earthly origins, traveling out of body onto other planets and The Spirit World. She was shown her own many lives including when she first came to Earth as a pioneer scientist in the hopes of finding minerals which led her, in this life, to become the creator of her six Crystal Therapies, now known world-wide. Her training from The Oneness, embodying the re-growth of cells to rejuvenate the body, became personal to her when, at 35 years old, she medically died and then returned with the direction of The Oneness. At this time, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, inherited in her DNA. Her story is reflected in all her books, videos, radio shows, blogs, classes, courses and workshops.

For many years, Dr. Margaret felt alone in her journey, until the second Spiritual Age began on January 1, 2008.  The date, in numerology, breaks down to 1.1.1. The "three perspective" creates the symbol of The Trinity, 3 sides to a triangle. She knows we are in transition towards an awakened state of consciousness that will allow telepathy and teleportation to become likely in about 100 years from now. Until then we must learn to use sound to grow our abilities to generate energy and to embrace the new children who are programmed with an extra DNA strand to push selves easily beyond the normal.

 The dawning of the 2nd Spiritual Age is forcing us to let go of hatred, separation, judgment and violence. We are the future that is preparing for change for many centuries to come.

Rogers Van Coops, Ph.D., DCH(IM)

321 Farallon Drive                                                                                                                               (928) 733 3525

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 USA                                                                       e-mail:



                                Born: June 24, 1942, London, England.


Used contact healing as a young child to assist disabled army servicemen from the Suffolk Regiment which granted an honorable membership to her at age nine, making her the only female in the entire regiment.   Began to develop many inborn psychic talents. 


Gave regular clairvoyant and psychometry readings and healing to people in mental and physical need.  Began nursing at teaching hospital and integrated work studies with healing ability.


Studied the theology and philosophy of various religions.  Later, carried this work into progressive duties with medical and youth centers for disturbed individuals.  Added psychiatric and psychological training while working as counselor in British mental institutions.


Joined Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, giving church services as a platform medium   proving survival of life after death.  Began teaching development circles and meditation groups. Recognized for advanced skills in all Metaphysical areas, e.g., clairvoyance, clairaudience,            clairsentience, psychometry, trance channeling, healing, regression, and all psychic tools.

Treated autistic, hyperactive and dyslexic children. Taught introductory anatomy and psychology.


Established new curriculum for private teaching of philosophy and awareness with physical and psychic meditation.  Organized & gave Open Nights for discussion and healing.  Heavy schedule of private consultations for internationally renowned clientele. Emphasized talks of psychotherapy and psychiatry.


Became active with evolving New Age groups, Yoga societies and Indian based religious groups in England.  Also taught in India. Organizer and lecturer at England’s World Symposium on Humanity. Lectured at The Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit, Aquarian Festival and other           British New  Age events. Published articles in New Age Magazines. Led seminars on meditation,         & hypnotherapy, healing techniques, psychology and psychic development. Ongoing individual            consultations. Began working with drug addicts, while studying mental behaviors.



Integrated healing, massage, Acupressure, Radionics, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Psychic molecular surgery and other techniques with natural health products and diet.  Networked with humanitarian groups and individuals. Became founder member of  British Astrological and Psychic    Society. Lectures and workshops, demonstrations of clairvoyance and healing to very large                   audiences. Appeared at New Age events. Founded Sumaris Psychic Education Centre in                   Romford, Essex.  Radio and TV on BBC and independent networks.



Set up broad curriculum with day and evening staffs for Sumaris.  Taught theory and practice in various New Age subjects. Radio interviews and phone-ins. Lectures, workshops and demonstrations at New Age Festivals. Lecture and demonstration tour to California led to radio and TV interviews and appearances at American New Age events.  Ordained Minister of the Universal Christ Church U.S.A. in 1982.  Upon return to England, appeared regularly with London Psychic Centre and served as co-founder of International Psychic Forum.  Returned to U.S. in 1983 and became resident of California.


Lecturer and exhibitor at Whole Life Expos in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston, National Health Federation Conventions and New World Festivals and other New Age events. Appeared on cable and independent TV stations across the country. Co-founder, American                  Metaphysical Society.  Author of Are you Psychic and I Can Meditate.  Wrote Regenesis trilogy       being prepared for film production and publication. Continued growing practice.


Took Metaphysical tours to Egypt and Peru to research healing and to establish own tours to sacred sites.  Lectured and conducted workshops on divine healing at Whole Life Expos in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Ongoing counseling for family matters and spiritual growth.                  Conducted channeling seminars, featuring Master Guides, including Jesus, Buddha and Zoro. Guest     on ABC’s Secrets and Mysteries as well as local news TV.  Authored The Way to Oneness, a            definitive book on Metaphysical studies.  Developed in Britain and finally launched her healing            therapy called Crystal Acupuncturesm with world-rights.


Enrolled and  taught at Los Angeles Valley College in TV & Drama Production and lunch assistance to students with issues.  Published The Way to Oneness in USA and Germany. Negotiated Japanese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Yugoslavian, Scandinavian, Russian and Indian editions.  Produced   The         Margaret Rogers Show for TV syndication.  Began semi-annual tours of Japan to lecture,                   teach and counsel.  Wrote a regular column with Astrology for Bridge USA, a Japanese language        magazine. Articles published in various Japanese magazines. Completed and published The                 Rejection Syndrome in USA. Began writing The Masters I and IIRegenesis II and IIIIn this         Time and Seeing Blind.


Worked with medical doctors and various therapists on HIV, AIDS, & ARC sufferers with remarkable results from stress reduction and Crystal Acupuncturesm techniques.  Began teaching about The Rejection Syndrome. Conducted workshops to erase conditioned mindsets and to release    the Rejection syndrome from the cellular neuro-muscular system. Associate Producer and                     Metaphysical Advisor for The Americas Before Columbus - A World Celebration for Native          Americans.


Completed new book, 50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations, Valley of the Sun Publishing Co., 1993.  Completed screenplay, The Survivor and negotiated its production.  Taught hands-on workshops in

Mediumship Development and Awakening the Child of Joy Within. Appeared on the June                 Caine Miller Show promoting Aromatherapy and various other healing methods. Taught                    Metaphysics through her One-woman improv comedy shows at the Wild Side Theater of North       Hollywood: Laws of Karma, Past Lives & The Book of Rules to a full audience.


Completed new book, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Pro-Spirit for publication. Conducted various channeling nights.  Active role taken rejuvenating Universal Christ Church by giving services and sermons. Focus on production of The Survivor. Toured England to counsel and heal clients.                 Provided services to The Psychic Friends Network and other hotlines in the USA.  Developed            Teragramsm Therapy, a color therapy using agate slices for healing focus. Provided lectures and         workshops in Mexico and Japan.  Initiated worldwide Certification Seminars for practitioners of           Crystal Acupuncturesm and Teragramsm Therapy.


Graduated from Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Current Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist,  member of Hypnotherapists Union.  Emphasis on Child Behavioral Therapies, especially for Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.  Produced and starred in her own show Psychic Chit Chat with husband.  Show was prepared for national syndication.  Developed The OmniCardsm, a highly entertaining and effective focusing tool for psychic readers and students.


Set up web marketing programs for Crystal Acupuncturesm Kits, Teragramsm Therapy Kits,     

The OmniCardsm, and all of her books.  Initiated marketing through website on the Internet.

Completed Henry’s Secrets, a ‘whodunnit’ novel in the style of Agatha Christie’s works.  Introduced Spiritual Crystal Acupuncturesm to products and services and published Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy, a book detailing mental and emotional findings and various states of change where healing techniques related to Crystal Acupuncture, & Teragrams were used. Plus spiritual awareness through her other Therapy, Spiritual Crystal Acupuncturesm. Published Expanding Images, a book detailing a program for psychic development through use of The OmniCard sm.  Elected Missionary by Universal Christ Church, the highest recognition given to its ministers for service to Humanity. Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy and International Hypnotherapy Federation. Generated heavy schedule of international and domestic lecture and workshop venues. Established position as Keynote Speaker at major venues.  Appointed Director of Education of Universal Christ Church.

Expanded schedule of workshops, lectures and private healing/counseling sessions in Japan to               two month-long and one two-week agenda.  Introduced & organized Metaphysical themed 9-day tours to Arizona for the education of her Japanese students. Created a curriculum for a two-year Ministerial Training Program for Universal Christ Church. Established Certification Seminars for Metaphysiotherapists. (A title for students with many qualifications in Alternative Medicine,)  Introduced Crystal AcupuncturesmRemedy Kits.  Printed second edition of Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy.  Introduced “You and Kandoo” and “Three-Mind Induction” audio tapes for hypnotherapy. Introduced Beauty Crystal Acupuncturesm system, TrinityStonesm Healing Therapy and “Core” Teragramsm Therapy.  Expanded schedule of workshops, lectures and private healing and counseling sessions in Japan  to three month-long  and one two-week agenda.  Introduced “Face Your Fears” Metaphysically themed tour to Arizona.  Introduced Level Two Certification Seminars for Metaphysiotherapists. Speaker/exhibitor at professional conferences sponsored by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the International Hypnosis Federation. 

Re-established England as base for PowerStonesm Therapy Workshops.  Extended UCC curriculum     to Japanese and Canadian students. Published third edition of  Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy through AuthorHouse Publications. Created a new curriculum for a two-year Ministerial Training Program for Universal Christ Church.  Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy and “50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations” published by Voice Inc. in Japanese.  Introduced Sensory Touch Therapysm (STT) in Japan and England.  Introduced Shuffling Your POV” concept and CD, a new hypnosis induction at IHF Conference and received Award for International Education Excellence. Awarded ‘Fellow’ status with IHF. Awarded Doctorate degree, PH.D. DCH(IM) by California University F.C.E. in recognition of her pioneering studies and training as both a minister and Doctor of Hypnosis & Integrated Medicine on Aug 1st 2004. She has been recognized for her phenomenal work in both medical & clinical hypnotherapy as well as her work in the spiritual and behavioral sciences.

Published The Book of Crystal Acupuncture and Teragram Therapy Diagrams through                  AuthorHouse. Further expanded schedule of workshops, lectures and private healing and counseling      sessions in Japan.  Added  England again to teaching tour schedule.  Trained students for two-year Ministerial Training Program for Universal Christ Church.  Published  “The Rejection Syndrome,” “Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Pro-Spirit,” and “Henry’s Secrets”  through AuthorHouse Publishing.   Introduced additional new teaching venues in Japan.  Continued public and private practice as teacher, practitioner and author. Made appearances on several radio and TV shows in Japan and USA. Wrote articles and provided her monthly horoscope to local newspapers. Continued to teach at Sumaris Center and to expand her private practice.

2008- 2010

Continued her training courses in Japan with great success throughout the last four years. PowerStonesm Therapy: Crystal Acupuncturesm & Teragramsm Therapy published in Japan by Voice Publishing Inc. in 2008. 9th edition of 50 Spiritually Powerful Meditation, published in India by Jaico Publishing made her book available on the internet. Published her new book Discover Your Baby’s Spirit in 2010. All books made available on as e-books. Frequent appearances on various internet radio stations across USA. Successfully begun her radio show Journey Into An Unknown World on in 2010. Many of her articles published in e-magazines around the world. Currently still teaching both in Japan and USA. Has begun to re-introduce her videos on and is doing streaming programs in Japan.   Dr Margaret made plans to have her own webinars and telesummits to teach courses on line. She continues her private practice integrating all her therapies and hypnosis to successfully help many people around the world. Published her new book: Discover Your Baby’s Spirit about the Hero, Star, Indigo, Crystal and Liquid Crystal children. Her blogs have been widely respected and followed with interest. Her counseling and psychological foundation courses were fully accepted by medical students and the like in Japan. 

Continued her successful radio show: Journey Into an Unknown World with over 7000 listeners world-wide per month. Enjoyed continuing to teach her courses: Psi Dev. Levels I – III, Powerstone Levels I –IV, Metaphysiotherapy Levels I – III and a variety of workshops focused on spiritual growth, rearing children, Egyptian Ancient Ceremonial Initiations and by popular demand, still more lectures on interesting topics of the time. Increased her videos on by also creating her own channel. Guest speaker on many internet radio shows in USA and other countries. Republished The Way To Oneness as Journey Into An Unknown World: The Way To Oneness Revisited. Recently published her new book on Albert Einstein’s Theory Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point of View. Writing two books with the working titles “The Acceptance Solution,” “TrinityStone Healing Therapy” and her other unpublished crystal books and novels. Lecturing and teaching following her radio show topics and books. Served one year as Head of Education for The British Astrological Psychic Society, (BAPS). Reaching out for new links to teach in Australia/Canada & Europe. Also beginning to focus on developing a 4-day Symposium for women to re-build their self-esteem and to manifest their dream possibly in Las Vegas.  FB, LinkedIn, twitter and google+ where she diligently communicates with on-line discussion groups.  

Journey Into An Unknown World continues in popularity with over 8000 followers as well as many subscribers to her video channel on and her new videos promoted under Journey Into An Unknown World. She continues to teach in Japan under a new company now called Sumaris Center Japan for dedicated practitioners of professional medical and therapy training. New courses created for more advanced students. Metaphysiotherapysm Levels IV & V and PowerStonesm Therapy Levels IV & V to integrate the effects of sound and vision as pertains to the Mid-brain and deep-subconscious. Her new book TrinityStonesm Healing Therapy is now available online

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Ph.D., DCH(IM) now under cover of this new publisher. Since 2013, all Dr. Margaret’s books have been re-published, including her new books; Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View and Expanding Images with The OmniCardsm as well as TrinityStonesm Healing Therapy. She is currently working on further research to write books about her two therapies Beauty Crystal Acupuncturesm and “Core” Teragramsm Therapy. In 2015 she was invited twice as a Keynote Speaker to Canadaand to Washington State. Her decision to become an American Keynote Speaker has led to her becoming an Honorary member of The International Assoc. of HealthCare Professionals being recognized as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare for her Metaphysiotherapy & PowerStone Courses as well as specializing in all her seven therapies and other skills. She has also been recently named an Honored Member of ‘Continental Who’s Who’ promoted world-wide to her fellow doctors and such. She is continuing to write new books on her research and is preparing her webinars, seminars, and symposiums to be launched in the near future. Her practice continues to grow both at home and abroad. Dr. Margaret continues her one on one counseling both at her home office and on Skype or FB by phone. Opened Sumaris Education Center and Clinic In Lake Havasu City. Completed 50 years of teaching and finally accepted her status of Professor from California University F.C.E. having refused it over the past ten years. Published a new book; My Journey into the Oneness. During these years, she has established an on-line presence across the SEO market and has continued her radio shows on and videos on, making it easy for students to gain further education, while also being a guest on other radio shows and conferences. Currently teaching psychology integrated with the psyche at Sumaris Education Center & Clinic as well as finding teachers to expand support and educate the local population in Lake Havasu City.

 Note: Her dream is to establish a College of Metaphysical Studies where Medical doctors and other professionals can train over 5 years or less to become Doctors of Alternative Medicine, thus setting high standards of practice while eliminating fakes and flakes. In time, these qualifications will set new possibilities for coverage under medical insurance.


1: Demo of Messages From The Other Side to the bereaved for Closure & from Spirit Guides a message of encouragement. 1 hr. (FREE FOR ANYONE)

2. Talk: Introduction to Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy with demonstration on volunteer 1 hr.

3. Talk or workshop: Who Are Your Really? Everyone has a Soul Structure Coding in their Spirit Body that entwines with the DNA & RNA to develop your personality & character. Learn how to transform your mind and heart with simple self-hypnosis. 1 - 1.5r hr. I can make appointments for this when requested.

4. Talk/Panel: We are Aliens learning to live in harmony. Our DNA has ancestry going back over 300,000 years - We are moving into the 2nd Spiritual Age of Enlightenment withing the 5th period of evolution under the influence of Leo in astrology now and our awareness is transforming to include alien abilities. Depending on speakers 1 - 1.5 hrs.

5. Post Intensive workshop: 3 hrs. End suffering in pain: Practical Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy - level 1 part 1 introductory hands on healing with Crystal stones included. Cost: $210 (You may add to cost for the room and we need to pr this before the event to get people to sign on so I know how many kits to bring.) I will give a cert. of introduction. Also we will work on the floor so large scarves or blankets or towels should be brought to the room. I have 10 yoga mats I could bring in our car. If we have more maybe we can suggest they bring mats too.

Workshop: Running Scared? TrinityStone Healing Therapy is the key to safety:  1 hr. This workshop will be hands on healing with specially hand made triangles to release the fears of sounds, shouting, moaning PTSD and more. This 1 hr. workshop will be explained and then each participant will be provided with a kit and then Dr. Margaret will make various sounds while students lie with triangles on their chakras. A shift in conscousness and emotions will occur, leaving them feeling free and safe. Cost of this workshop: $100 includes TrinityStone Healing Kit and practical help from Dr. Margaret. (Need to know how many kits to bring and so need pre-enrollment if possible for both workshop and intensive if you want me to do both.) I will bring twenty kits of each of my crystal kits mentioned for these workshops. If you think it should be more, let me know please. Again this is your choice. We can talk about this over the phone.

  • Experiencers, Contactees, Abductees
  • Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Interdimensionals

You Tubes Links, Titles & Descriptions THIS SHOWS ALL OF THEM _ YOU CAN CHOOSE THE SITE The Book of C-A & T-T- Diagrams Archetype of the Soul Structure Coding TrinityStone Healing Therapy. Book is out now.

What topics do you cover in your research, books or work?

Metaphyscial, Spiritual, Psychological, Psychiatric, Health & Healing, Mind, Body, Spirit issues. Curing The whole person of all ailments, negative emotions and mental blocks that manifest in the body as a result of imbalance caused by traumas throught a lifetime. This includes rebuilding the Chakras and strengthening the Aura of my paitients along with counseling and hypnosis when necessary.

Radio show:  Over 120 1/2 hr education talks on a variety of topics leading to well-being and understanding of self.

Book Titles, Descriptions & Links:

Journey Into An Unknown World: The Way To Oneness Revisited

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, PRO-SPIRIT

The Rejection Syndrome

Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy

The Book of Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy Diagrams

Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View

Discover Your Baby's Spirit

TrinityStone Healing Therapy

My Journey Into The Oneness

Expaning Images with The OmniCard

50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations

Henry's Secrets - A whodunnit novel

Grandpa's Stories written by my father and myself.

Audio book: The Dark Side: To be given away with sales at the event



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