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Quantum Empathic Healer is a term I've created along with my Guides.   With my high sensitivities to Clairvoyance -Clairsentience – Clairaudience – Claircognizance and BIG HEART.  I see all the way above, all the way below and all timelines. I have the ability to remote view and telepathically cleanse massive spaces.  I have been blessed with full access to the hall of Ascended Masters, the I AM realm, Archangel realm, God realm, Goddess realm, Hands of God, Dragon realm,  Earth Elemental realm, among a seat with many Benevolent Starbeing councils.   I AM very intimately connected with the royal Guard of the Galactic Federation of light. I AM a Master code Channeler and writer who has channeled the the New Quantum Reiki of the 5th realm to support light beings in uniting selves with higher consciousness.   My key specialty at this time is to teach and activate your unique blueprint of why you are here now, to resolve all past story, any timeline which may be interfering with your light body activation, creating a bridge to fully access the ascension to the 5th realm of consciousness.  My favorite medium for individuals is Shamanic visionary art, I can tap into YOU from your 1st blue spark of existence, all Beings from anywhere. Bringing forth the KEY trine of healing on your road of Mastery NOW.

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Messages from The Head Quarters of the  Galactic Federation, Messages from 144.

Using Chakra system as Ascencion bridge - activating the 3 bodies of 5th realm, owning your sacred space in 5th realm

What is the difference between 3rd realm and 5th, how can we "tell" who is here and support who is not.



Activating Divine Goddess realm support, light code activation, Master Goddess healing, messages from the Mother of Mothers.

Activating 5th realm oxygen codes, a gift from Aplpha Centurians; using sacred math to biochemically alter our light bodies and light codes of our nutrients

Key Bodies/vessels ability to accept the crystalline DNA necessary to hybridize/evolve our species.

  • Experiencers, Contactees, Abductees
  • Consciousness, Spirituality
  • Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Interdimensionals
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facebook/ Ariane Saffron; Quantum Empathic Healer
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I am currently working on website. Please look for Internet communication and online Gallery via;
facebook/ Ariane Saffron; Quantum Empathic Healer

I channel and travel to other realms, ships, planets and communicate with extraterrestrial beings daily. My experiences are so vast and so constant that ive yet to become fully open as in providing stories upon youtube. My dear friend Elizabeth April has brought this application forward to propel my teachings forward as they are necessary to be here now. We all ascend...all. There is no dark, only reflections of story that need love.

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Sunday October 28, 2018

7:00 PM
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