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Intuitive Awareness Consultant, Speaker, Writer, Poet & Broadcaster, Walk-In from Bootes/Andromeda Hildegard was born and raised in an extended family environment on a farm in Germany.  In her early thirties, during many near-death-experiences, she became aware of her true-non-physical source-essence-self.  She realized consciousness is not limited to the physical vessel, where generally put most of our focused attention.

Her professional background is in languages, international trade, as well as in broadcast journalism.  She lived and worked in Europe, South Africa, and Canada, where she raised her four, now grown children.

In seemingly split seconds, she was able to experience her 3-D life, as well as many other realities simultaneously, without being bound by a physicality. Surrounded by the light, she was able to feel, hear and communicate telepathically with different levels of intelligence.

Since then, she has been receiving ongoing telepathic guidance from her Andromedan brother Lui Mar, a 7th-dimensional consciousness scientist from Boötes/Andromeda Galaxy. She regained her health against all expert medical prognoses given at the time by following the telepathically received insights from the invisible worlds.

Hildegard has complete trust in her Andromedan source, for her health and that of her family, came about by her following Ashtar-Athena’s and Lumiar’s ongoing input; most of the time, against the recommendations and common practices of the world around her. (Medical-, Social-, Educational- & Religious Systems)

Hildegard is an intuitive awareness guide and consultant, who is committed to supporting the self-discovery process of all, desiring to reach their full Soul-Potential.

She uses her insights into the non-physical aspects of the human being, to facilitate the discovery of her client’s inner essence voice and wisdom, so they may learn to live guided from within. Thus aiding them to discover new ways of consciously living guided from within, rather than being unconsciously trapped by self-sabotaging, habitual patterning of their conditioned mind.

Hildegard is currently in the process of publishing one of her book manuscripts “Never Enough – The Story of a Planet Reborn”.

The take-home message of this multi-layered story has become the “Red Thread”, representing the guiding principles for her spiritual journey. She is also in the process of writing about her “Walk-In” experience.

She gives workshops at Happy Soul Books on Bloor St., off Ossingtong St. in Toronto, starting early July, and is working with individual clients online, over the phone and in person.

Hildegard is also one of the hosts at Toronto’s only on-line TV-Station, THAT CHANNEL.com


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