Dragon at the End of Time - Janet Kira Lessin

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Sunday Oct 28   04:30 PM to 05:55 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
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Dragon at the End of Time

Experiencer Janet Kira Lessin unraveled the mystery of her life.  She embarked on a "hero's journey."  Janet discovered her connection between her eternal self and the human avatar she now inhabits.  When she entered her current human Earth form, she remembered how she originated--the veil of forgetfulness did not take hold.  Her memories interfered with her life and commitment to the time that she assists humanity as she awakens and ascends.  Janet's mother June was an obsessed, devout Christian.  She could not reconcile Janet's psy-powers with the Messiah story and thought Starchild Janet was a demon.    Convinced, June made many attempts on Janet's life.

Angelics, interdimensionals and extraterrestrials repeatedly intervened and let Janet return to her body after being killed.  They taught her how to repair damage in her body so she could continue living. Forever with her, her angels, ETs and guides repeatedly saved her.  Janet's life, while difficult has always been protected by forces greater than any in this plane of existence.

Eventually, Janet got answers to her questions when American soldiers, Greys and Anunnaki took her to an underwater base where she met the Dragon Mother of Planet Earth.  In the presence of the Mother in an ancient, sacred ritual, she opened portals to other dimensions to reveal the physical manifestation of the Dragon Mother.  Janet discovered that she's "the key" for communicating between mortals and eternal beings, Earthlings, extraterrestrials, Inner Worlders and Aliens, ghosts, and more from all dimensions, worlds, levels, vibrational frequencies and forms of existence.

She remembers her multi-dimensional self and her many simultaneous manifestations on all levels and many worlds and planes of existence.  Her journey continues and throughout her life she continually finds other "keys".  She connects the dots and assembles this giant puzzle that solves and resolves the mysteries of existence and the problems that plague humanity and dear Gaia, Mother Earth.  Her story is your story, is the human story and our divine, sacred soul that feels it all and through the process learns to love like no other beings in existence.

Stargate to the Cosmos
Vice-President, Speaker, Workshop, Panelist, Vendor
Stargate to the Cosmos
Vice-President, Speaker, Workshop, Panelist, Vendor
Stargate to the Cosmos
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