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Thursday Oct 25   08:00 PM to 08:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest III

Disclosure Support - Vivian Davis (via Skype)

We are a united team of mental health professionals and holistic healers here to provide help and support for the awakening individual living in a changing world and transitioning to non-dual consciousness.  

Well over a year ago, Vivian Davis MA envisioned a collective group of healing professionals who were advanced on their own awakening journey and wanted to help others deal with disclosure and their awakening. While working in the UFOlogy field, she observed and encountered many folks reaching out for help while going through their dark night of the soul. They reported having an increase in mental health symptoms, and fear and confusion due to the intense energetic changes and the "veil" lifting. Thy relayed had no safe place to turn to for non-judgmental and unbiased support. She understood that if this many of people in the UFOlogy world where having difficulty, the majority of the world was going to go through an even more difficult time. She felt a nudge by the Divine to help form a resource online for the masses that would gently help bridge the gap between conventional thinking and a new cosmic reality as depicted by those who speak about hidden knowledge, black ops, advanced tech, alien civilizations, etc.

Disclosure Support endeavors to build bridges between various communities as humanity transitions to a new, non-dual paradigm. We provide the support, resources, and shame-free space needed for individuals to become agents of transformation within their communities. By offering professional support to individuals shifting into non-dual places of consciousness, we assist with unifying communities and, ultimately, the co-creation of equitable societies. This is our Vision.

In this presentation, Vivian will offer insight and ideas on how to best support those going through the awakening process of finding mental health balance, peace, healing, and resolve in the collective psycho-spiritual crises.

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