UFOs and Alien Abductions from a Mystic Experiencers Point Of View - Eugene Braxton (W)

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Thursday Oct 25   04:00 PM to 04:55 PM (55 minutes)
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UFOs and  Alien Abductions from a Mystic Experiencers Point Of View - Eugene Braxton (W) 

We know that..from our raw research data that,

Human beings were created, by the Creator in such a way, that Ecstasy is the only Dependable method of conduct/control for sentient beings.. and Ecstasy is also associated with that process of transformation between life and death

The were various, anomalous, glaringly suspicious concerns, in both the near-death, Life after Death and the Ufo Alien Abduction research findings, to the extent where the world authorities decided to just ignore the already verified raw research data and withhold it from the public, so I looked into it myself and..  Confirmation was Established.

The world's authorities I worked one-on-one with, had a great concern about what they called the controller and what I called the Controlling Agent in Charge. This controller exerted enough control over the experiencers that the world's authorities were as privately concerned as I was.
I've worked with both Near-Death and Ufo World Authorities and this controlling agent-in-charge exerted a certain influence and control in both of these seemingly separate experiences

This video illustrates the negative aspects of these so-called abductions from a normal citizens point of view...like your father or mother perhaps. It's the juggernaut of all psychic experiences..and is completely understood by those with mystical inclinations.


And a Mystic is as far removed from a mere psychic, as a psychic is from the Babylonians, with their swords and Fire Sticks

It's extremely frightening to those having authentic highly negative alien abduction experiences which are physio/spiritual in nature and in essence

This Falls Stargate Conference will be a one-of-a-kind event and our children's children will look back on this year of 2018, the beginning of this century, in great wonder at what this, our generation has accomplished. Or tried to.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold, however, as Dr. J Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Dr. Carla Turner and many others have warned us of, and that is..that there is a distinctly negative aspect of the UFO alien abduction scenario and that is my specialty 

True authentic alien abductions are very very bad and millions are suffering thinking that they're going crazy..and they actually are. 

This film clip illustrates the primal fear that is laced within the alien abduction and in this clip the couple remind me of Janet and Sasha Lessin.


We must as Janet and Betty Hill said, look into the negative side of the abductions, as well, suggesting that there may be more to this than was at first surmised.

And I say Re: the aliens
That our apprehension must extend further than our comprehension we've got to be very careful with the these "things.."

Today's foolish ufo abduction researchers make the foolish mistake of ignoring the fantastic work of their brilliant predecessor like the brilliant ahead of time Dr. Karla Turner whose work was so on point...she was killed for what she knew..


Thinking that they were smarter than the great pioneer's who came before them I've looked into an Allen Hynek and Dr. Karla Turners work for the last 19 yrs...and it turns out that, the old school ufo researchers who warned us decades ago..were absolutely correct...this is no game.

Turner and Hynek was brilliant...and they were right...all along.

At this Falls Stargate Conference I'll present pictures of my verified huge abduction scar marks .

Mystically speaking:
Our government and the FBI in 1949, told us in plain english, who and what these things are...and that was some 70 years ago

At this Falls Stargate Conference, I'll present pictures of my verified huge abduction scar marks ..and other topics of interest. 

Mystically speaking:

These being are spiritual in nature, psychological in the method, and demonic in Origin.

And it's not just the old school legends who suggested a certain amount of suspicious caution should be employed regarding the alien abduction scenario..last Sunday during our fascinating interview Dr and Janet Lessin along with myself, also agreed that a healthy amount of suspicious caution should also be implemented ..and our apprehension must extend further than our comprehension when dealing with these Interdimensional spiritual entities..

If you knew mystically what I know about these beings, and smirking faces will soon become grimly sober and sweating with fear when I present a mystical view of the alien phenomena..and it ain't pretty as their end game involves our life after death processes ..if I decide to broach this topic..at all.

It may be best for some not to hear what I may say.


Just by merely employing a fact-based analysis on this abduction problem suggests that it is..far, far more...than we could have ever, ever Imagined.

Mystically..these things Are Spiritual in nature, they are psychological in method, and demonic in Origin 

I hope to see you this Fall.

Sincerely yours,

Eugene Braxton .
America's Most Experienced Mystic 

International Near-Death Research and Advanced Alien Ufo Studies..my fields of expertise.

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