Advanced Near Death/Life After Death Research - Eugene Braxton

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Sunday Oct 28   01:00 PM to 01:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest II

Advanced Near Death/Life after Death Research Workshop – Eugene Braxton 

In this lecture you will learn:

1) What public and private raw research data were gleaned by having an actual Mystic, work one on one, in Scientific research with three number One World Authorities.

2) Stunning New Near Death Revelations, that will bring you to tears. Unimagined esoteric after/life revelations as well as the raw research data findings, that are two, three, or more lifetimes ahead of any other NDE research in this World, as this research went far beyond the scope, range, understanding and comprehension of two of the three world authorities that were involved in this Union of mysticism and science. 

3) The rule of Silence regarding Forbidden Esoteric Knowledge will finally be a 50 something-year-old, Mystic Master.

4) In this presentation, you will learn the exact time between death and Reconscioness after Death (Recon/AD). 

5) You will learn every facet of the death and dying process, including every physiological change of death, that occurs at death and while dying.  We'll present every single change, in one's Levels of Consciousness, in sequential order, throughout the entire death process. . and far beyond your Resurrection processes. 

6) You will learn the details of and the "sequential order" of, every single stage of the near death/afterlife process in numerically sequential order, as it were. 

7) You will learn of every deviation, every single physio/spiritual change in your after death, Invisible Spirit Body, in each and every near-death stage.

 Yes, we have every single sequential change that occurs in ones, invisible, after death spirit/body in each and every near-death stage.

There's no near-death research this advanced in the world because this important research was done with the number one and two Near Death World Authorities and it far surpassed even their academic expertise, as science has and will always lag behind true Spirituality. 

Dr. Pmh. Atwater(female) and the Dean of Near-Death Research and the editor of The Journal of Near-Death Studies, Dr. Bruce Greyson, were two of the near-death world authorities who worked one on one with America's Most Experienced Mystic for decades.

8) You will learn not only what the life review room is, you'll learn what it really is and why it is, and we'll also provide the exact physical measurements of this life review "room". 

9) During this informational packed lecture, you'll know of and learn things never revealed to the public and that was purposely never revealed to the world authorities (for several very good reasons).  For example. 

10) You'll learn of what the scientists call The Controller and what I called The Controlling Agent in Charge and why the world authorities were so frightened of this Controlling Agent, that they refused to examine it or release or share these ominous preliminary findings with each other or to the public. So I looked into it myself and was stunned at what was found.

11) You will learn why levitation is natural after death and you will learn of your natural out-of-body, and after death, Spherical Consciousness that gives you 360-degree vision, that naturally enables you.. in your after death spirit/body, to see anywhere in space and time, past, present and future.

12) You learn what happens when you attain Cosmic Consciousness, how it changes your life immediately and forever and you'll also learn that the heartbeat of the living earth, and the Universe as well, resonates and matches the rhythm of one's own heartbeat.

13) You'll learn how the positive psychic after effects of an NDE or any paranormal experience, increases each and every year, in you and for the rest of your natural life

14) You'll learn what NDE researchers cannot and do not talk about because they know least about, the powerful White Lights, which are the Most powerful of all Spiritual lights, and we'll completely provide the Origins and Effects of the ultra-powerful white lights..which are as incredible as they are many.

15) You'll learn about how the Re/Animation of your Life force can only take place when one Merges with the Essence of God and that everyone now living, will experience the Ecstasy of seeing, communicating, and personally merging with the Essence of God, from Whence you came. And we'd also like to explain about this important merging process in great detail if time permits.

You will absorb and learn all about, all these things in incredible detail, and more, So much, Much More. 

Hope to see you there

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