Vector 5 UFO Night Watch Encounter & Experiencer Workshop - Friday - Miesha Johnston & Tana Newberry.

Friday Oct 26   06:30 PM to 09:30 PM (3 hours)
Vendor Hallway

Vector 5 UFO Night Watch Encounter & Experiencer Workshop -  Miesha Johnston & Tana Newberry 

Experience the thrill of seeing and communicating with UFO’s and their occupants.  As a group, we will meditate, tone, channel and vector in to invite UFO’s to visit us.  The UFO Workshop includes the use of many pairs of military-grade Generation 3 night vision goggles similar to the type used in Desert Storm allowing the viewer to see up to 50,000 times more stars than the naked eye.  We will also have several high-powered lasers to point out UFOs. You will hear information about planetary star systems, Milky Way Galaxy, meteors, satellites and other celestial objects in the night sky.

Miesha Johnston who has facilitated Experiencer/MILAB Groups for 15 years, will guide the group. You will have an opportunity to share your sightings & experiences while you listen to your guides and other attendees’ experiences. It is a safe place to share your own experiences. With others who do know how you feel! 

The workshop will be 3 hours. We suggest that you dress warm, wear layers and bring a blanket & chair. Please be advised, the goggles are shared within the group, but every person will be given equal time for viewing. We meet in the Vendor Hallway and go outside to our location. 

Miesha Johnston is a 2nd generation lifelong ET Experiencer, MILAB and Mk-Ultra survivor.  In addition, Miesha is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She specializes in Trauma Recovery, ADD/ADHD Hypnosis, and Past Live Regression. She has facilitated support groups for 16 and for the past 5 years, facilitates virtual support groups for ET Experiences, MILAB & MK-Ultra SSP, SS, TI and RA survivors on the virtual internet through Zoom Chat twice a week.  She is Director of UFO Group of Las Vegas & facilitates two monthly support groups in her residence.  Learn about her groups and contact her:

Miesha has had numerous contacts and abductions and has been involved with at least 8 different ET types including the hybrids, who she communicates daily with her Galactic Light Language.   She has had many MILAB experiences and has been in the underground bases which includes a black ops branch of our government and some Grey and Reptilian factions.  She was born and raised in an MK-Ultra family started her trauma-based training for Project Monarch and put into service at age 9.  Miesha has had two missing periods of time in her life extending to 8 months each time. During which time she has little or no memory of what happened.  Including a wedding and husband she has almost no memory of. 

Miesha is the author of two books: “Covert Abduction: Military Harassment, Surveillance, Interrogation, and Mind Control” and “They Weren’t Butterflies: A Monarch Survivor’s Story” available on Kindle and  She is the co-author of Experiencer Oracle Deck with Tan Newberry.  She has a weekly radio show on Saturday’s on Starseed Awakening. KCOR 

She is owner-operator of “Vector 5 Tours” of Las Vegas.  She leads tours in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada Victorville, California, Maui & Oahu, Hawaii.  Her tours include meditation and vectoring in of ships featuring military grade night-vision goggles, high powered laser and sharing your experiences, and hearing others’ stories of ET sightings and contact experiences. 


Tana Newberry has been a professional Psychic Reader for over thirteen years conducting over 10,000 sessions and is also a seasoned Psychic Development Teacher. She has been heard on over 500 radio shows since 2005.  

Tana survived a near-death experience in 2002. At that moment she realized the ability to channel, saving her life and ultimately changing it forever. Soon after, Tana became passionate about sharing her psychic gifts.

Her extraterrestrial contact goes as far back as childhood, but memories and new experiences only started to surface around the time she began using her psychic abilities and had her first UFO sighting. Her ET involvement centers around the production of Hybrid children as she recalls conception, gestation and retrieval experiences. She also identifies as a MILAB experiencer. She is a co-host on a weekly radio show Saturday’s on Starseed Awakening. KCOR Radio. 

Tana assists ET contactees in identifying and cultivating Psy abilities resulting from their experiences. Contactees becoming aware of these abilities starts with understanding how they come to be. Once accepted, Tana helps the contactee to explore telepathic communication through various means such as automatic writing, assistance with mentally receiving clairvoyant images of ET Spirit Guides and receiving conscious state ‘downloads’ of information. All Psy techniques are intended to make communicating with ET Spirit Guides easy and accessible.

She and Miesha Johnston are the authors of the ET Experiencer Oracle Deck. The deck is dedicated to the topic of Ufology and extraterrestrial contact intended to help you, and those you read, understand the nature of your own UFO and ET experiences. Each type of contact agenda is represented. Also included are cards to represent the origins of being involved in those experiences.

Tana is involved in the Ufology Community, now attending and sharing her projects at conferences. She is in the development phase of a Ufology documentary, highlighting her friend and leading researcher Melinda Leslie, among others. She teaches Psychic Development, gives Psychic Readings, and leads UFO Nightwatch Encounters in Benicia, California. UFO Nightwatch Encounters features tours with military grade night-vision goggles, so you can enjoy your own personal UFO sightings!



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