The Cosmic Plan Our Space Family Missions on Earth - Robert Potter

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Friday Oct 26   12:00 PM to 01:25 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
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Mankind's Cosmic Heritage Our Part In The Divine Plan - Robert Potter

In this talk, Rob will share his understanding our recent ancient history and the challenges facing humanity as we transfigure or world into a world of light.

He will share the true history of Atlantis and Lemuria and the final destruction that mankind bought upon itself. Rob will also explain and put into perspective the Interference and insertion into human affairs of the agenda of the Annukai and Ets in general.

It will be explained why we cannot get the full picture until the quarantine is lifted. The simple prerequisites that we must realize for open interplanetary cultural exchange to take place.

The very real and simple changes mankind must insist upon to implement fair, honest and just relations with each other.

How mankind’s cosmic destiny will unfold and flourish through a powerful transformation of all lifestreams as the earth births and frequency.

 The challenges facing the collective core beliefs of humanity as we establish the truth firmly into our souls.

 The wonderful future is here now and you are a part of it.

The lecture will have a full hour of questions and answers on all subjects.

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Secret Space Program

Political Chaos/ Criminal Activities

 Earth Changes

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