The Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus - Dr. Raymond A. Keller (L)

Friday Oct 26   01:00 PM to 01:55 PM (55 minutes)
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The Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus - Dr. Raymond A. Keller
This lecture is based on the second exciting book in mythologist, magic realist, and ufologist, Dr. Raymond A. Keller's internationally acclaimed and award-winning Venus Rising series. Some of the interesting and real individuals you'll meet in this book of astounding science include:
The German "Rocket Man" who saved New York City in early 1945, the wife of a Japanese prime minister who traveled to Venus in another dimension aboard an ethereal beam ship, a California contactee under constant surveillance by the FBI's Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and his public revelations that smashed the Venus Conspiracy.
The team of Russian scientists probing the mysteries of Venusian life being monitored by the ABOVE TOP SECRET United States Air Force's "Project White Stork," the mega-stars who have used various forms of magic to contact Venusians and other entities inhabiting the mysterious phantom zone known as "Dimension X."
The enigmatic psychic Maria Orsic and the members of the Vril Social Club that inspired the early German science fiction writers and rocket scientists and countless others also appear in the well-documented pages of the Venus Rising series. So take your protein pills and put your helmet on because we are going to momentarily be blasting off for high adventures on Venus with both the Cosmic Ray himself and his long-time friend and associate, the glorious Queen of Outer Space!
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