Esoteric Anatomy Presentation - Rob Potter

Esoteric Anatomy
Sunday Oct 28   10:30 AM to 11:55 AM (1 hour 25 minutes)
Embassy II

Esoteric Anatomy Presentation - Rob Potter

Rob will explain the aura scientifically and how it interacts with our soul. The atomic and quantum physics will be simply presented. The science behind “The Secret” or the keys to how we actually create or manifest our reality is very important to know.

The simple universal laws of manifestation and how our thoughts actually create our reality are paramount to our spiritual growth.  By the realization of the power of the mind, you will learn about basic quantum mechanics.

You will take control to create balanced thoughts and feelings by understanding who we truly are. 

Learn to invoke the light and the process of Meditation and Kundalini Yoga will be shared. The science of Kriya Yoga or the science of the still breath will be made easy and simple to understand.

After this talk, you will be able to understand how our bodies our minds and spirits interact with the universe around us. Become the master of your own ship and control your destiny and reach peace and harmony with easy to use techniques. 

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