Divinity In Us, Unfolding Now - Gabriel Duran

Friday Oct 26   08:00 AM to 08:55 AM (55 minutes)
Embassy II

Divinity In Us, Unfolding Now  - Gabriel Duran 

A discourse in which I share my story of the Divine, unfolding in my life. Which includes my various paranormal and spiritual experiences, as well as those of an extra-terrestrial nature.

I then elaborate on the various "aha" moments that brought about a greater realization as to our purpose. As this great time of change in consciousness occurs.

I speak about my "take" or version of what the EVENT is, that many are speaking of. And the transition that occurs as we ascend into the higher 4th and 5th dimensional planes and beyond. As we attain our next density of consciousness.

While sharing Shamanistic practices and principles that bring honor to all that we are accomplishing. As we unite, once more, with our stellar and cosmic families.

Emcee, Volunteer
Divinity In Us
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