A Unifying Language: Understanding the 12 Archetypes of Astrology with the Progression of Sacred Geometry - Ana Jin Zeng - Lecture (Skype)

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A Unifying Language: Understanding the 12 Archetypes of Astrology with the Progression of Sacred Geometry - Ana Jin Zeng (Skype)

I will first start with an introduction of my background in Evolutionary Astrology. A spiritual branch of astrology that reads the evolutionary desire of the soul. EA also treats the Sign, House and ruling Planet as the same archetype. I found that the archetypes present within EA can be explained, elegantly, with the progression of Sacred Geometry.

The literature of my work include Drunvalo Melchizidek's The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol I, specifically, the chapter on the ancient mystery school.

What is Astrology?

If this reality is a Matrix, the stars are the mechanics of this Matrix. We manifest ourselves into this reality to experience an incarnation of our choice. We’re here to experience the joy of existence, to create and co-create with our free will using the Law of Attraction, or simply by manifest.

Before we were born, we have defined what is the most abundant human experience, the best persona to actualize this experience, and the possible pathways this persona may make within a third density reality to reach that destination.

The personas we play, and the story-lines we run are part of our scripts within this third density reality.

Astrology decodes our birth data, and maps out all the potential scripts we run in this incarnation. It empowers us to make choices that support the our souls' desires. It also empowers us to see the malware we are born with within karma. To know is to be able to make new choices.

What is Geometry Astrology?

Ana found this unifying language when she was a student of astrology. Geometry Astrology expresses the 12 archetypes of astrology as a continuous progression of sacred geometry. This elegant and simple language unifies the 12 archetypes of astrology. It allows the reader to understand the continuous state of change of any energy they experience. Given any archetype, the reader will know where it comes from and where it progresses to, without the need for words.  

Language is a construct; it adulterates thoughts into linearity. Linear thoughts need to be linked by logic. And logic only creates one-one correspondence – one expression is linked to one other expression. But thought pattern itself is multi-branched and simultaneous. When using a linear structure, we have to choose to express one train of thought and forego many others. There is data loss in a single transmission of thought.

Geometry preserves the non-linearity of thought forms. Geometry, unlike language, is a priori, self-referencing, and independent of the observer. We did not construct geometry. Geometrical progressions observe energy in their manifold and evolving nature.

A detachment from words gets us closer to understanding the energies and thoughts in their primordial forms. This is especially useful when reading the natal chart, as the encoded information is pure energy.

Below is a summery of each archetype within the Natal Chart, in the interpretation of Geometry Astrology.

Aries, Mars & the first House:
The conception of a consciousness from a singularity. It is the energy of pure Love. As a consciousness becomes self-aware. Without a physical vessel, the consciousness acts out Love. It is the singular energy that propels a consciousness to journey through the whole chart. Aries is a fresh consciousness that shoots out in the x, y z directions in this third density. It extends as far as it can to exert its existence

Taurus, Venus & the 2nd House:
The process of achieving stability and gathering inner resources. The consciousness has exhausted all its propelling inertia and has extended as far as it can. It is the yin energy of connecting the furthest points of its extensions and forming table triangles. The process of stabilizing, and gathering inner strength, value and resources. The resulting geometry is a tetrahedron, the platonic element of air, the starting of Gemini, the first air sign.

Gemini, Mercury & the 3rd House:
With stability, the consciousness rotates with respect to its center, to plot every single point of along with its vertices – the furthest points it can extend to. Gemini is the process of understanding and categorizing the external environment according to the consciousness’s own definition. The resulting geometry is a perfect sphere, the starting point of Cancer.

Cancer, Moon & the 4th House:
The cancer archetype is comfort in a bubble. A universe that a consciousness has made sense of, and retired to rest in the center. “This is my little universe where I understand everything!” Yet, with the motion of evolution and perpetual motion, the consciousness finally has to journey to the very edge of its existence, and start on its threshold, with a new sense of Self with the vast unknown, like an Aries baby, to shoot out, get exhausted, stabilize, explore and build its universe again. The process is not easy. Yet as the consciousness made its second universe, we have two spheres intersecting each other through their centers. That is the vesica pisces, the geometry of light! How rejoiced the consciousness is! Having gone through the trials to build its universe again, to find light. The destination of cancer is the starting of Leo.

Leo, the Sun & the 5th House:
The surprised consciousness is going to continue to create, to reap its reward from repeating the process of Aries to cancer. Here we will have the first trinity. The first 60 degrees, 30 degrees, equilateral triangles, self-similarity… The creation sprung forth from Leo is abundant. Leo baths in Light and is rightfully so.

Virgo, Mercury & the 6th House:
The abundance from Leo is going to propel the consciousness to create yet another universe. However this time, such imperfect geometries! There is nothing special with four circles. Nothing special with five circles. Nothing special with six circles! What tiring labour with no light at the end of the tunnel! The virgo archetype of repetition, routine, meticulousness, a desire for perfection that’s yet to be achieved. An archetype of patience, faith and perseverance. Manifested negatively, it becomes an archetype that represents the inferiority complex and despair. Yet little one, you need to have faith. For by the end of the day, you become the seed of life that’s ready to blossom.

Libra, Venus & the 7th House:
From the seed of life to the flower of life is almost an instant, as consciousness no longer moves linearly but duplicates itself. With so many identical universes intersecting and creating all kinds of relationships, the consciousness here start to deal with the Other. Yet the study of the other is the study of Self. A libra energy may connote a lost sense of self, yet the libra lesson is to understand the Self through all that it is not. Libra learns to establish structures and relationships within a universe full of the other. Here in libra, the seed of life blossoms into the flower of life, and stablizes to become the Metatron’s cube.

Scorpio, Pluto & the 8th House:
Here in Scorpio the consciousness learns to make choices. It forms deep commitments to a set of relationships within the Metatron’s cube and manifest its physicality as Platonic solids. There is transmutation. A commitment to one of the Platonic solids means giving up the rest. Comes with commitment is pain, sacrifice, and surrender. It is the point of choice, motivated by want and desire. A physicality comes with the empowerment to actualize one’s desires. Scorpio, Pluto & the 8th House correlate to the DNA, sexual communions, mutations, empowerment and disempowerment.

Sagittarius, Jupiter & the 9th House:
A geometrical relationship can be derived from the Platonic solids – the golden ratio. Here in Sagittarius, the consciousness extrapolates with its physical experiences, and understands the overall pattern that governs its physical experience. The golden ratio is in a constant state of motion. It is never direct, but goes in circles. It is the most energy efficient way of traveling within time and space. Jupiter corresponds to natural law, traveling and expansion.

Capricorn, Saturn & the 10th House:
Capricorn is a translation and crystallization of the abstract, natural law, into concrete, systematic structures. Capricorn is like the seashell that physically manifests the golden ratio in Sagittarius. Traditionally, Capricorn corresponds to the ramification of karma, and linear space-time. The golden ratio is without end. But all physical manifestation in this 3rd density is finite - a seashell cannot spiral endlessly. Here, the golden ratio from Sagittarius is approximated as the Fibonacci in this reality starting from 0, 1, 1, 2… Capricorn is the process of translating abstract laws into physical implementations. The manifestation of political and economical theories as federal laws and policies, the construction of an architecture from the blueprint…For any translation, there is control, power, responsibility and distortion. The consciousness now enters the Matrix of space and time, and experiences all its virtues and vices.

Aquarius, Uranus & the 11th House:
All shells are to be evolved out of. Uranus breaks down the external shell of space-time, through a mirror. Uranus corresponds to the neural pathways, and is not in the 3rd density reality by nature. The consciousness looks for and understands its reflections in all. In the Uranus energy, the consciousness realizes that the Matrix is not real, but only reflects itself back. The consciousness realizes that “I am the mirror and you are me”, and the external structure ceases its power to control.

Pisces, Neptune & the 12th House:
Finally, the consciousness is at the culmination of its journey. The constructed reality disintegrates when the consciousness recognizes the mirror. Pisces is the state of disintegration, of all possibilities. The consciousness has journeyed back to the exit of its experience.

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