The Moon is Not What You Think! John Titor II Workshop

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Saturday Oct 27   07:30 PM to 08:55 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
Embassy I
The Moon is Not What You Think

By John Titor II

The Moon is not what you think!  There are many things about the Moon that doesn't make sense.  I have said for a long time that we live in an engineered solar system, on an engineered planet called Earth.  Our moon circles our planet perfectly.  The moon's placement was engineered by a species of extraterrestrials seeking to create life on Earth that would evolve much as it has with some exceptions.

The exceptions are that mankind as a species was created by extraterrestrials.  These extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki colonized the Earth, Mars, and possibly Venus.  They did not create the satellite known as the Moon or place it there this species was superior to the Anunnaki. 

Some other extraterrestrial species placed the Moon where it is as part of what I believe to be an ecological experiment at creating life and watching it evolve.  The Anunnaki interfered with the experiment and possibly paid the price for that.

The Anunnaki roamed the galaxy looking for precious metals.  They failed to consider that the Earth was not theirs to interfere with.  I believe the extraterrestrial species that created or engineered the Moon is on the Moon currently.   These extraterrestrials may be greater than level seven on the Kardashev scale.

The satellite we know as the moon was created to circle the Earth perfectly and was to create life on this planet in a very specific way.  The Moon creates the rising and lowering of the tides and affects our weather.  It is hollow of that we are very sure.  It has weaponry on it that has been photographed.

Technology of commercially available telescopes has improved and allows us to see cities on the Moon.

A more recent discovery about the Moon reveals that there are tunnels on the Moon.  Watch the independent video clip below.

All of this creates the question in my mind.  Why has NASA kept the world and the American people in the dark for so long about what they obviously knew?  At this point NASA seems to stand for "Never A Straight Answer."

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