You Are Greater Than you Know – Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Soul Structure Coding
Sunday Oct 28   01:00 PM to 01:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest III

You Are Greater Than you Know – Margaret Rogers Van Coops

We are Aliens learning to live in harmonyOur known DNA has ancestry going back over 500,000 years - We are moving into the 2nd Spiritual Age of Enlightenment within the 5th period of evolution under the influence of Leo (The Sun in astrology) now and our awareness is transforming to include alien abilities. Who Are You Really? Everyone has a Soul Structure Coding within their Spirit Body that entwines with the DNA & RNA to develop your personality & character which serves THE ONENESS of all that is! Prof. Margaret will expand your awareness as she shares her experiences in understanding The Oneness, The Cosmos, God, The Soul and Reincarnation as well as to share how we must integrate with The Oneness to transform our minds and hearts with awareness of momentum and in acceptance of change in our species, as well as our interactions with Aliens.   

Margaret Rogers Van Coops
Emcee, Speaker's Assistant, Volunteer
Keynote Speaker

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