Zunis & the Star People - Clifford Mahooty (Lecture)

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Thursday Oct 25   09:00 AM to 09:55 AM (55 minutes)
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Zuni Elder & Engineer Clifford Mahooty – An astonishing presentation on Zuni Cosmology, Contact with ET’s, Medicine Societies, Inner Earth Realms and Sacred Star-Gates.  Grandfather Mahooty is a man of impeccable credibility. He walks in two worlds, as a credentialed  ‘academic’ (He is a university-degreed civil engineer who retired after 30 years heading the USA HUD as the chief structural engineer)  and as a revered  Zuni Elder.

Mahooty can now courageously share information with his credibility, humility, and integrity, combined with his clear ability to interpret and masterfully articulate experiences of sky people of star nations, inner earth entities, and paranormal activities. After decades of silence, a handful of elders of the various Indian tribes are again describing and interpreting the ways, technology and history, of the original people. Mahooty’s in-depth education including modern American, Pueblo, other indigenous knowledge and coupled with professional engineering practice and technology. The Zuni teachings prepared Mahooty to share extraordinary lost history about off planet, inner earth activities and spiritual beings. We can now learn a great deal about the people of ancient earth from the native tribes, who have continuously lived in select and sacred regions of our planet for thousands of years. This disclosure of the indigenous people’s knowledge serves as a catalyst toward the service to others by wisdom keepers.

Grandfather Mahooty is the ‘real-deal’. He was born on the Zuni reservation and ancestral tribal lands at a time when there was no electricity or running water. He shares his first-hand knowledge of the grandmothers and grandfathers narratives given to him on a fascinating array of mystical topics and an alternative cosmology of the earth and mankind.  This recording of his live presentation at the Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Gathering in Arizona 6 weeks ago, received an enthusiastic  5 minute+ standing ovation from the more than 550 attendees present. This is truly a ‘must -see’ video. Absolutely fascinating! Totally credible and truly extraordinary from an accomplished academic man of integrity, humility and brilliance.

In this presentation, Mahooty shares the utterly amazing account of his medicine elder who entered into the ‘fabled’ cave of inner earth in a secret location known to the Pueblo Tribal Elders of the Zuni. He recounts another first-hand experience of another Zuni medicine elder entering a dimensional warp and going deep inside the earth from behind a secret waterfall in the mysteriously hidden back-lands of the  Grand Canyon.  He has been led by the ancestors to share this extraordinary lost history and his credibility, humility and integrity combine with his clear ability to interpret and masterfully and courageously articulate experiences of the ancient inner earth  ‘ant people’, inner earth humans and ‘light’ beings of Star Nation is absolutely stunning. and unprecedented.

Clifford Mahooty is known for his work on White Buffalo: An American Prophecy (2015), True Legends: Holocaust of Giants (2017) and Ancient Aliens (2009).


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