Intuitive Journaling - Karen Christine Patrick

Thursday Oct 25   01:00 PM to 01:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest I

INTUITIVE JOURNALING (60 minutes) is a course teaching the reflective tool of Intuitive Journaling. The course will include many different types of journaling techniques, meant to inspire, and the use of the Bullet Journal to bring it all together for a tool using the self-discovery through the Broad Internal P.O.V.

PART 1: What is Intuitive Journaling?

Intuitive Journaling is using modalities such as art, creativity, going into the “flow” that helps to uncover, reveal ideas about one’s self, or about one’s paradigm, to connect with spiritual and mental influences, to regain empowerment lost to the everyday consensus reality show. To go back into the Center Self and reclaim the right to one’s own thoughts and beliefs.

PART 2: Journaling Modalities.

This course covers types of journaling practices, art journaling techniques, and a brief introduction to the Bullet Journal, a toolbox of journaling ideas from which the participant may try all, or a few, in the Question of Life, “Quest I Own.”

PART 3: Positive Preparations Rituals

Some are fearful of letting go into the flow of free-form or artistic intuitive process, so this lesson explores some ideas on setting the intention and feeling protected, creating a Sacred Space for this type of journaling. How to handle when negativity flows out that is confusing or alarming. Creating a safety plan for prying Others in the household.

PART 4: Giving Into The Flow

How to explore limiting beliefs that hold you back from saying what you will, speaking your truth. How to write your way out of situations, to re-frame situations to make the response to them be more satisfactory. How to accept where you are right now with the idea that you won’t always be in that limiting frame of mind.

PART 5: Conclusion and Resources for further study

Includes more about this topic, where to find ideas and resources on the topics shared in the class.

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