I Am Alien: The Final Revelation - Dr. Louis Turi - Via Skype Live from the Marshall Islands

Saturday Oct 27   03:00 PM to 03:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest III

I Am Alien: The Final Revelation - Dr. Louis Turi - Via Skype live from the Marshall Islands

Dr. Turi takes you back to 1967 and his 1st dramatic abduction and continues his story all the way to August 11th, 2001 when he and his ex-wife Brigitte were abducted in the sky of Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Turi’s fifth kind 4 solid UFO experiences are mind-boggling. 

It all started with the “downloading” of the “Cosmic Code” inside a flying saucer which left him with an undisputed incontestable ability to read the future and make well dated and documented predictions. “Incredible experiences breed in incredible people that have incredible stories to tell. The legacy left by those encounters left me with an incredible ability to read the future! 

Sad enough by offering the exact dates of terrorist attacks my gift brought the FBI twice in my house.  The FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction.

I am willing to prove to you the reality of my incredible claims on the air channeling an ET named Draco.   

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