Secret Bases in Africa - Jo Ann Richards (Lecture)

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Thursday Oct 25   03:00 PM to 04:25 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
Embassy I
"Secret Bases in Africa" - Jo Ann Richards - Lecture
"There have been a number of stories about secret underground alien/military facilities over the first decades of the 21st century - many of them seeming to have come at a rather high cost for those who first spoke about them.  Few reports have touched on the highly interesting reports concerning such bases in places like Africa. Alien bases have existed there for thousands of years, and are well known both in the local legends of the humans who still live in those lands, and the events over the 20th century. In many ways, the interplay between humans and the aliens of Africa has been far more open and involved for centuries than in the West. This information is from a report recently released by Capt. Mark Richards."
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Speaker, Panelist, Workshop

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