Embodying Our Divine Blueprint Through the Seven Principles of I AM - Kendra Jonas

Consciousness, Spirituality, Contactee, Experiencers
Thursday Oct 25   04:30 PM to 06:00 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Embassy II
Embodying Our Divine Blueprint Through The 7 Principles of I AM --- Contactee and Channeler, Kendra Jonas received "The 7 Principles Of I AM" during an extraterrestrial encounter on January 2013, which led to writing and publishing her book entitled, "The Link." In this presentation, Kendra sheds light on some lost and forgotten knowledge that is about to be revealed through a sacred roadmap. When exposed and embodied, this roadmap holds the key to unlocking our divinity and has been shown to activate dormant aspects of our DNA (otherwise known as junk DNA), and connects us to our higher mind, and to benevolent beings who are here to escort us into the emergence of a 5th dimensional new world. 
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