Navigating the Matrix - George Kavassilas

Sunday Oct 28   09:00 AM to 10:25 AM (1 hour 25 minutes)
Embassy II

Navigating the Matrix - George Kavassilas

We all wonder and contemplate how it is we cannot implement our intentions as we inherently know we can.  Understanding what we are dealing with when confronted with a challenge is a huge advantage and a big step forward in moving beyond the pain and the paradigm of reality that we are intending to transcend.

Since the release of the movie “The Matrix”, most of us have resonated with it and have been able to identify with its message of allegory, metaphor and to some degree literal representation.

So…what is it?  What is The Matrix?

The Matrix is a system! It is a vast multi-dimensional system of control which comes in many guises. 

Navigating our way through this matrix system is most challenging, and we often feel frustrated at the level of restrictions, limitations and impositions we experience.  What if there was a way that could change that dynamic?  What if we could once again understand our place in this world and function with respect, confidence, surety, and even with a level of assertive authority….  Imagine…

All of this is possible if one knows how to unlock the code of approach one requires with their matrix environment.

It is time to decide Neo, do you want to know?

In this seminar, Navigating the Matrix, we will look deeply into the current AI (Artificial Intelligence) take-over of the planet and the systematic implementation of its processes. I will also show you how you can effectively navigate your way through this challenging landscape of AI imposition by learning how to better read your own internal compass and enact the appropriate implementation of your intention.

Connect and journey into the emerging world with George Kavassilas, and feel your awareness expand.  There will be opportunity for Q&A with George, so bring that burning question you have about the Matrix.

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