Weird Shouldn't Starve: Basic income for Real Freedom of Speech - Karen Christine Patrick

Thursday Oct 25   09:00 AM to 10:25 AM (1 hour 25 minutes)
Embassy II
Weird Shouldn't Starve: Basic income for Real Freedom of Speech - Karen Christine Patrick
The Basic Income Guarantee (B.I.G.), also called the Universal Basic Income (U.B.I.), is the idea to combat poverty, wealth inequality, and to take humanity into a new future that works for everybody. One of the biggest fears for experiencers is the fear of social and financial assassination should they tell their story. That is not an unfounded fear as it falls under the general fear, so ubiquitous as to be misunderstood, of financial assassination endemic to the economy in general. so ubiquitous as to be misunderstood.
Most people would be surprised who in American history supported a Basic Income. Thomas Paine, the American writer, supported a recompense for citizens who did not have access to the land for sustenance, yet provided labor for America's growing communities. Martin Luther King talked about abolishing poverty directly with direct cash transfer to give a floor to poverty so people could not go down and completely out. The father of Supply Side Economics favored by the Reagan Administration, Milton Friedman, recommended a Negative Income Tax as a type of Basic Income. Without the balance of a "Demand Side" support like Friedman suggested, wealth inequality has run rampant. Added to technological unemployment through innovations based on internet technology, it is time to revisit the idea of a Basic Income just as an idea to share the benefits of new technology generally, rather than just for wealthy interests.
Any idea of a way to prevent financial assassination due to the prejudice of being an experiencer should be explored. In order to understand what is going on with experiencers scientifically, it is important to remove the stigma associated. We literally do not have free speech on this issue as long as people can put out into the cold.
The Basic Income is something our experiencer community should be informed about.
Ms. Patrick will be sharing her book, "WEIRD SHOULDN'T STARVE: The Basic Income for Real Freedom of Speech."
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