Overcoming the Hierarch Mind - Karen Christine Patrick

Sunday Oct 28   03:00 PM to 03:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest II
OVERCOMING THE HIERARCH MIND is based on the Gnostic traditional idea of influence by “Archons” into our culture resulting in the number one mental disorder, the Hierarch Mind. Sometimes also called “Wetiko” by Native People, it is a mindset of thinking in a pyramidic construct of relationships between people instead of a continuum of equality. This course is meant as a mental self-defense for people who have had their self-esteem decreased by hitting up against the hierarchy mindset, designed with a mental self-defense toolbox of, using Intuitive Journaling as a reflective tool for self-empowerment.

PART 1: Defining The Hierarch Mind

Revealing the “Pyramid of Power” and the “Pyramidion of Power” by its management of public and personal perception, formerly through politics and religion, now mainly through the media in a “Consensus Reality Show.” The Gnostics were warning humanity about the effects of the “Archons” who gave humans the Hierarch mind, the most common mental illnesses that proliferate, causing untold harm and discord amongst humans.

PART 2: Examples of the Hierarch Mind

Showing the Hierarch mind in its many forms, the many types of tricks used that exert coercion in attempts, usually successful, to control humans up an including direct violence and human sacrifice and what it wins for the “winners” of the Hierarch Game.

PART 3: Self-Defense Tool Box

This course was created mainly for people who want to begin to see and combat the effects of the Hierarch mind on a personal level. This chapter will give some tools for use in that process.

PART 4:  Defining the Center Self

Finding and cultivating the Center Self, that is often completely lost in the onslaught of the Hierch Mind programming of society. Using energy work to help shore up feelings and using empowering tools to stay in a chosen way of feeling.

PART 5: Conclusion and  Resources for further study

Includes more about this topic, where to find ideas and resources on the topics shared in the class.
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