P’nti of the Sandia Mountain, Telepathy and Official First Contact - Su Walker & Rev. White Otter

Grey Aliens, Disclosure, First Contact
Thursday Oct 25   11:00 AM to 11:55 AM (55 minutes)
Crest II

PRESENTATION: The P’nti of the Sandia Mountain, Telepathy and Official First Contact

Beneath the Sandia Mountain on the Eastern edge of Albuquerque, lies a subterranean facility run by a Star Nation from Zeta Reticuli called the P’nti (say Pon-tee.) For the past 5 years, a local couple, Su Walker and Rev. White Otter, have been experiencing an ongoing dialogue with these ETs and have been receiving detailed information from them about how we Earth Humans can learn their telepathic means of communication as well as what they have explained of Earth’s upcoming Official First Contact.

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