Advanced Hyperspace Oversoul Deprogramming Techniques - Stewart Swerdlow - Pre-Recorded Lecture

Oversoul, Deprogramming, Reprogramming
Thursday Oct 25   11:00 PM to 11:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest II

We begin light and get more intense in this class which is bout advanced techniques in all categories. We to do advance color work, healing techniques and deprogramming. We do astral work and advanced DNA, dream work, Golden-Wing Lion work and techniques. We talk about relationships and we'll do a section on Oversoul techniques and a simultaneous existence section. We do dreams so write your dreams down and we'll do in-depth analysis of that.  First, we start with advance color layering and visualizations. We look at the people and groups of people in your life, or a place or thing with whom you have strained connections or strained relations. We discuss how you can reconnect with someone in your life who is distant from you or completely cut off or your relationship is strained. We discover what we can do energetically to help with that person.


Advanced Hyperspace, Oversoul and Deprogramming Techniques by Stewart Swerdlow.pdf


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