Soul-Essence Exchanges - The Andromedan Walk-In Program: - Hildegard Gmeiner

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Thursday Oct 25   09:00 AM to 09:55 AM (55 minutes)
Crest III
Soul-Essence Exchanges - The Andromedan Walk-In Program:

In this lecture Hildegard Gmeiner will be speaking about her near-death experiences, her soul-essence exchange, and her first contacts with intelligences from Boötes/Andromeda galaxy, 26 years ago. 

She will speak about the internal and external challenges related to the following integration process, during which a 7-dimensional consciousness had to be aligned with the  3-D-focused daily life, of a stay-at-home mother, who had three little children to care for, at that time.

You will learn about the recovery and healing of her physical body, Western Medicine had given up on, even though the reportedly could neither diagnose her ailments, nor offer healing solutions. Hildegard will also share, how she learned to trust the telepathic communications and gentle guidance from the Andromedans; leading her to ultimately act upon the new insights gained, many of which opposed her  33-year-long 3-D-based, worldview and mental conditioning.
Last, but not least, you will hear from Luimar, Hildegard’s telepathic contact of 26 years, who will speak about the significance of the Walk-In Program, he and his crew is currently supporting.
Hildegard is hosting a monthly support group for Cosmic-Experiencer’s in Toronto/Canada. She is a columnist in the brand-new “It’s a Beautiful Life' magazine, launched on 12th July 2018 by AtFaceValue Marketing, and is also a poet.
As an Intuitive Awareness Consultant, she supports her clients during the process of recognizing and trusting their soul-essence guidance system, and  helps them learn how to live life guided from within, utilizing their inner wisdom, to fulfill on their unique life purpose.
Hildegard Gmeiner
Intuitive Awareness & Wellness Consulting
Toronto, ON / Canada
Emcee, Speaker, Workshop, Panelist, Vendor
Skype Speaker, Panelist

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