Native American Anunnaki - Michael Lee Hill (Workshop)

Sunday Oct 28   01:30 PM to 02:55 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
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Native American Anunnaki - Michael Lee Hill 

Edgar Cayce said the “Mound Builder” Native American Indians are the remnants of Atlantis!

Many of Edgar Cayce’s readings concerned the island continent of Atlantis, the fabled empire located beyond the Pillars of Hercules (presumably the Rocks of Gibraltar in the western Mediterranean), as thoroughly detailed in Plato’s TIMAEUS, that fell into the sea.

Cayce’s readings described three separate disasters that befell Atlantis.

The first catastrophe happened in 50,700 BC, caused by an explosion of gas pockets within the earth that triggered volcanoes and earthquakes, generated a magnet pole shift on the planet and produced a great Ice Age.

The second catastrophe occurred in 28.000 BC, coinciding with the Biblical account of Noah and the Great Flood. After the deluge, the continent had been broken into three main islands: Aryaz in the east (present day Azores Island group), Poseidia in the north (West Indies area), and Og in the south (near South America).

The final catastrophe took place in 10,600 BC. There were gigantic land upheavals upon the earth and the remaining land mass of Posedia and Aryaz (except for the mountain peaks) disappeared into the seas.

The Cayce readings indicated the Atlanteans had been forced to relocate to various distant lands during the catastrophes, specifically to the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France), Morocco (Atlas Mountains), Egypt (where they built the pyramids) and North America (where they formed the Iroquois nation). All Type X locations.

In North America, the highest concentration of Type X lineage was found within the Iroquois nation (Ojibway, Oneota and Nuu-Chah-Nulth tribes). Cayce also reported some Atlanteans went on to the American Southwest and Midwest. The Navajo (Southwest) and mound builder region (Midwest) also contain some Type X subjects.

Edgar Cayce predicted that Iroquois Indians are the remnants of the “Mound Builders” of Ancient American history, which Cayce reveals were the remnants of the Atlantians or Poseidons as Edgar Cayce called them. (Enki-ites)

The Mound Builders (Native American Anunnaki) are a culture which actually predates the North American Indian tribes by thousands of years, this “Mound Boulder” culture then later on intermingled into the North American Indian Tribes, Mainly the Iroquois, The Cherokee, and the Sioux, which are the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Native American Indian Tribes.

Not to be blunt, but this is the revealing of the Nephilim Bloodline through the North America Native Indians with DNA evidence in the form of DNA Haplogroup X2a which is a recently discovered (1997) Human DNA group which is mainly only found in the sometimes giant skeletal remains removed from Ancient American Earth Mounds, Ancient Egypt and at least 3% of Native American Indians today.

What surprised me is the recent knowledge that Edgar Cayce predicted all of this in his reading on exactly who the Mound Builders were!!!!

Eastlake, Ohio = Home of The Nephilim “Mound Builders”

The Fabled Biblical Lost Nation/Tribe….The Nephilim!


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