Waking the Sleepers: the Role of the Communicators - Suzy Hansen

Thursday Oct 25   04:30 PM to 05:55 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
Embassy I

Waking the Sleepers: the Role of the Communicators

Who are the Communicators, and why is their task of waking both other experiencers and the wider humanity, vital at this time in our evolution?

Based on her lifetime of contact, Suzy’s presentation addresses aspects of spirituality, consciousness, telepathy, metaphysics, and alien culture, alongside scientific concepts of physics and “conscious” technology, all within the framework of alien contact, highlighting our interconnection with a wider universal family - our intimate soul connection.


In particular, Suzy outlines her participation in complex multi-layered alien programmes, a positive agenda designed to assist and advance humankind, her experience with hybrid species, the Three Waves of volunteer souls here to assist mankind, and the “dual soul” – alien and human – that is central to this agend

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