“Seth’s Concepts and Elmira Seth Class” Barrie Gellis

Thursday Oct 25   07:00 PM to 07:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest III
According to Jon Klimo’s book, “Channelling”—Jane Roberts and Seth ushered in the modern new-age movement of channeling back in 1963—with its foundational “you create your own reality.” Together, Seth has dictated about 30 books. I will discuss who Seth is, what his major concepts were and what the original Seth classes in Elmira were like. I will also answer all questions to put to me about Seth’s concepts and what the original Seth classes were like. I will include that Seth said he would only communicate via Jane in order to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the Seth material. In no particular order, these concepts include but are not limited to:
1.   The Universe Is Safe And Playful.
2.    Time Is Simultaneous.
3.    Reality Is Our Thoughts Made Physical.
4.    Violence Is Never Justified.
5.    Sex And The Body Are Good.
6.    No Personality Ever Dies Nor Gets Swallowed Up By Anything.
7.   The "Occult" World Is As Secret And Mysterious As A Flower, Kitten, Baseball Game, Or Walk In The Park.
8.  There Are An Infinite Number Of Probable Realities (Parallel Universes) Constantly Being Created From Which We Choose What To Actualize Or Physicalize.
9.  The Dream State Is But One Realm Where All Our Various Selves (And "Spirits") All Intermingle And Communicate.
10.  Dreams Continue After We Wake Up.
11.  The Infinite Ever-Growing Numbers Of Dream And Probable Realities Is Why The Universe Seems To Keep Expanding.
12.  Karma Is Not What We Think It Is. There Is No "Pre-Ordained" Punishment For Things Done In Any Lifetime.
13. People Are Aware Of Their Deaths And Deaths Of Others Before They Happen And The Same With What Appear To Be "Accidents."
14. Everybody Is A Hero In Progress.
15.  Everything Has Consciousness.
16.  The Present Is The Point Of Power.
17.  We're As Dead Right Now As We'll Ever Be.
18.  You Create Your Own Reality.
19.  People Are Innately Good, Loving And Compassionate.
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