“Seth2: What Is the Entity Connection to Alien Contact?” Barrie Gellis

ConsciousnessAlien Contact
Saturday Oct 27   04:00 PM to 04:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest III
No one really knows what is behind the UFO phenomenon or how far back it goes. It is multifaceted with NO one answer. 
Building on what Seth and Seth2 have said about themselves and UFOs,  and what I’ve studied about them, I believe that the most significant explanation is that an “ancient” consciousness is behind it all—which taught us how to create physical reality in the first place...and when I say “ancient” I really mean outside of linear time as well.
It is true that UFOs may also be from other planets, dimensions, time periods and even our own future—but there is a deeper ANSWER that goes beyond these things. 
We only see the tippy-top of the iceberg—and always thru the filters of the belief system of the day.
From angels and devils to spaceships, to computers—we always translate the unknown into something that makes sense to us in the moment. 

The ramifications which follow--challenge the concepts that we are all in a computer program, a hologram universe and/or that there are space wars going on—all just the latest versions of the mentality of cowboys versus Indians. 
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