DNA/RNA - Linking Alien Ancestry with Soul Coding (Main Talk) You were programmed since the dawn of time - Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

ConsciousnessSoul Structure Coding
Friday Oct 26   06:00 PM to 07:25 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
Embassy I

YDNA/RNA - Linking Alien Ancestry with Soul Coding (Main Talk) You were programmed since the dawn of time - Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops 

The Rejection Syndrome: You Are Encoded With A Soul Structure Coding long before you Incarnate: You Coding entwines with your DNA and RNA as you learn to live your life. You may even have a link with Aliens. The result of your brain’s choices are controlled by your emotions that stem from your spiritual awareness while experiencing the pros and cons of your life. The Rejection Syndrome Manifests. This combined coding generates energy in your Five Bodies; Physical, Etheric, Spirit, Higher Mind and Soul. Dr. Margaret will explain how this affects you on a cellular-neuro-muscular-level every second of your life. In this way you create habits, beliefs and conflicts as well as pain, angry emotional PTSD’s with a variety of displays, usually to protect self. Find out how to delete all your negative fancies, hopes and dreams, and replacing them with embracing The Oneness and your spiritual team.

Margaret Rogers Van Coops
Emcee, Speaker's Assistant, Volunteer
Keynote Speaker

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