Why Your Aura Is Out Of Sync With Your Brain! Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

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Saturday Oct 27   08:00 AM to 08:55 AM (55 minutes)
Embassy I

Why Your Aura Is Out Of Sync With Your Brain!  Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops - 1 hr.

Your Aura is made up of 5 Bodies: Physical, Etheric, Spirit, higher Mind and Soul, all of which combine within the Major and Minor Chakras, forming vortices of energy in cones that rotate relative to positive or negative input. Your psychological beliefs, and disciplines may well be your worst enemy since all aspects of your experiences are founded upon observations and the use of your 5 Psychic senses during the first 5 years of life. Dr. Margaret will explain how to free self from mental and emotional conditioning created by you in relative responses that afford self-protect and spiritual growth. Much of what we do through our lives if to justify keeping the same mindset. With Crystal work and hypnosis, healing of the mind and heart will achieve a new point of view where success is accepted instead of losing self in The Rejection Syndrome where negativity leads the way when making choices.

Margaret Rogers Van Coops
Emcee, Speaker's Assistant, Volunteer
Keynote Speaker

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