Multidimensionality & Dormant DNA - Suzanne Ross (Lecture)

Thursday Oct 25   05:00 PM to 05:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest II
Multidimensionality & Dormant DNA - Suzanne Ross (Lecture)

After being escorted onto an Arcturian craft in November of 2017 and downloaded with advanced energy technology, I have discovered my ability to energetically re-activate dormant DNA strands by identifying and reuniting one's multidimensional soul aspects. I have been shown how the eternal soul projects holographic fragments of its self into multiple dimensions of time and space and how by tuning into the eternal soul, we can reveal and reunite those aspects. Each fragment carries 10% of our soul's DNA so as we reconnect the scattered fragments of our soul, through quantum entanglement, we return to wholeness bringing 100% of our DNA back online. Includes a powerful Arcturian Light Chamber Activation.

Margaret Rogers Van Coops
Emcee, Speaker's Assistant, Volunteer
Lighten Up! Enterprises
Speaker, Panelist, Workshop, Vendor

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